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buy best zebronics headphones online

Looking for Zebronics headphones that come under your budget? Well, you can now stop.

We are here with Best Zebronics Headphones you can get in India. Headphones can be really pricy. When it comes to premium quality headsets, you can go with popular brands like Philips, Sony, etc.

But if you are looking for headphones that are good in quality and yet comes under a low price range, then you can go with this list of best Zebronics Headphones to buy online.

Zebronics Headphones are pretty good and value for the price. They provide good sound quality and stylish look under a very low price in India.

So, with the best experience on sound and music, our website SpeakersTrend is finally here with a list of top 10 Zebronics Headphones buy online under a low price in India.

Before you start checking our list, please note that in this list of Zebronic Headphones, we have listed products for every minimum price range. Means, you will see Good quality Zebronics Headphones under 500 to 2000 rupees.

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India has so many amazing and famous brands on headphones or headsets. Most of these headphones are very expensive when it comes to full ear cover headsets but Zebronics Headphones come cheap and many people buy Zebronics headphones in India.

So, without wasting any more time, here we go without the 10 best Zebronics Headphones to buy online under the low price range in India.

Zebronics Headset Zeb-Thunder Wireless

Zeb-Thunder Wireless BT Headphone is a really cool looking red Zebronic headphone that has all the new zen features a headphone should have.

Also, this headset comes with an inbuilt mic, an enhanced wireless system, and other playback options too. Many buyers have already made their purchase on this headset that also comes under a really pocket-friendly price.

Zeb-Duke Bluetooth Headset


  • Very Beautiful and classy look.
  • Wireless, and Aux cable support.
  • Very comfortable cushiony ear cups.
  • Adjustable headbands with the soft band.
  • Very clear sound quality.
  • Up to 9 hours playtime.
  • Multiple playback options.
  • 1-day warranty.
  • Handsfree call
  • Physical Buttons for all.


  • Bass quality is low.
  • Material quality is average.
  • Bluetooth 4.2

Conclusion: This headset from Zebronics is really a good product to consider buying. As it really a budget product that gives a lot of features along with a cool look. You can also choose from the 3 different color variants available on Amazon. Check the latest price from the link.

Zebronics Zeb-Bang Foldable Wireless

This one called Zebronics Zeb-Bang Headset is another unique product in this list that comes under a really good value for the price. Only under 1000 rupees, Zebronics is promising 16 hours of playback time on this headphone which is a really good thing.

Other than that, this product has all the good things you need, and also it comes with built-in voice assistance so that you can be free to enjoy your mood in every situation you are in.

Best Zebronics Headphones in India


  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Aux cable support.
  • Multimedia and Handsfree call
  • Extra dedicated MIC.
  • Voice Assistant support.
  • 33 hours of playback time.
  • 3 hours for a full charge.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Clear sound.
  • Beautiful neon LED strips.
  • Soft over-ear pods.


  • Bass is not that good.
  • Full Volume Playback stays up to 3 hours only.
  • The material is plastic.
  • No extra accessories included.

Conclusion: I would suggest you go with this Zebronics Headphone if you are a long music lover. It has impressive battery support which can give you a really long playback time.

Other than that, this headphone is not quite good in bass but the overall quality is very fine under its price range. You can check the latest price from the link.

Zeb-Envy Bluetooth Finest Zebronics Headphone

In this headset, Zebronic got you covered with a very stylish look with LED strips. If you love neon or other lightings on your headphone then this Zebronics Zeb-Envy Bluetooth Headphone has the exact thing you need.

You can see in the picture, the LED strips are not just for showoff, the big ear-covered pods has beautiful LED strips that also color changeable. Other than that, this headset comes with all the great features you want for daily live entertainment.

Zeb-Envy Bluetooth Zebronics Headphone


  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Aux cable support.
  • Multimedia and Handsfree call
  • Extra dedicated MIC.
  • Voice Assistant support.
  • 33 hours of playback time.
  • 3 hours for a full charge.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Clear sound.
  • Beautiful neon LED strips.
  • Soft over-ear pods.


  • Bass is not that good.
  • Full Volume Playback stays up to 3 hours only.
  • The material is plastic.
  • No extra accessories included.
Conclusion: I would suggest you go with this Zebronics Headphone if you are a long music lover. It has impressive battery support which can give you a really long playback time.
Other than that, this headphone is not quite good in bass but the overall quality is very fine under its price range. You can check the latest price from the link.

Prime Zebronics Headphones with Mic and RGB

Some people don’t like wireless headphones. For them, here is the Zebronics Storm Headphone with an inbuilt mic. It has wired connectivity which is good for enjoying music without worrying about charging.

Also, this Zebronics headphone comes with a beautiful black and white look too. Just like all the normal headphones and earphones, you are getting all the basic features under a very good price range on this product.

Buy Zebronics Gaming Headphones online in India


  • Clear sound quality.
  • Wired connectivity.
  • 1.15 m cable length.
  • Up to 20khz frequency response.
  • Stylish back and white design.
  • Ear covered pods.
  • Soft cushiony headband.
  • Adjustable body.


  • The bass is not so good.
  • Average material was built.
  • Very cheap price product.
  • Average customer review.
  • Not long-lasting.

Conclusion: Overall quality of the product is very good according to the price. Under only 500 rupees, you can use this wired headphone for very long than you expect. You can enjoy your music however you see fit and then you can change it to another. In this way, you will never get bored. Check the latest price now.

Zeb-Duke Bluetooth Zebronics Headphones

A very classy looking grey-black headphone from Zebronics called Zeb-Duke Bluetooth headphone, You can already know that it is a wireless headphone with a very good quality inbuilt mic.

This headset is a complete pro as it comes with 3 different one-color design, also has voice assistant support and RGB lightings. One of the best Zebronics Headphones, this one for the pro music lovers.

Zeb-Duke Bluetooth Zebronics Headphone buy online


  • Beautiful design.
  • 3 color variants.
  • adjustable body.
  • Multimedia player.
  • Voice assistant support.
  • Aux cable support.
  • Up to 30 hours of playback time.
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Quality mic built-in.
  • Clear sound and handsfree call.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • We do not have much to tell its negative side as it is a pretty good Zebronic headphone. It has a simple look but a classy design.
  • From the sound quality side, this headset provides a crystal clear sound but the bass is not the best. if you want a look and futuristic headset for gaming or sampling music then you go with this one. However, heavy bass lovers can look for different products.

Conclusion: A great product I would say for those who are into gaming. As a beginner gamer, you can go with these budget-friendly gaming x Zebronic headphones. Please check the latest price from the link.

Zeb-Dynamic with Best Bluetooth Headphone

With all the latest facilities, this budget headset from Zebronics can be a great choice for your music needs. It as Bluetooth, Aux, FM, etc. However, the design is not much appreciated but it is a very durable and simple looking headphone with a very soft ear body.

Zebronics Zeb-Dynamic with Bluetooth


  • Pretty clean design.
  • Foldable and adjustable design.
  • Clear sound quality.
  • Handsfree call with mic.
  • Ear cover pods.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 with EDR.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Up to 30 hours playtime.


  • No sponge on the headband.
  • No LED or RGB.
  • Too simple.
  • The price is high.
  • Needs 5 hours to fully charged.

Conclusion: This headphone is for those who want to be very simple and straight forward. Its coal-black body and simple design are not much of an attention-grabbing thing. With this one of the best Zebronics headphones, you can just concentrate on your music or handsfree calling and other work-related things.

Zeb-Zoom Super Zebronics Headphones

This Zebronic Zeb-Zoom headphone is more like a big ear specialist. If you are looking for a full ear-covered headset then this one can be the best Zebronic headphone for you. Also, it has Bluetooth, charging post, Aux cable port, volume control and all of these comes with a pretty black-silver design.

Zeb-Zoom Headphone buy online BT


  • Bluetooth 5.0 with EDR.
  • Very strong battery with 50 hours of playback.
  • AUX support.
  • Charging cable included.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Handsfree call with integrated MIC.
  • Over-ear headphone.
  • Adjustable size.


  • We can say it has a good sound quality but you can notice that it doesn’t have any headband for comfort. Other than that, you can not say that the product is bad. However, this one doesn’t have any special features like a voice assistant.
  • Plastic material.
  • No RGB.

Conclusion: Like the previous, it also comes with very basic points. But some special thing about this Zebronics headphone is the clear sound, big ear cover pods, and the simple-durable look. If you are ok with all these features you can get this one under 1200 rupees.

Zebronics Headphones Zeb-Fusion 2 in 1

One of the best Zebronics headphones, this one comes with some premium features and a gaming look. With the mic built-in, this music device, and adjustable body, this headset looks very techy. It also has a clear sound and bass.

Also, good quality Bluetooth support, Aux support, and FM support are also included with this headphone. And the best thing in this headphone is, it has a speaker on it’s back. You can switch your headphone to speaker mode with one single button.

Zebronics Zeb-Fusion 2 in 1 Bluetooth​


  • 2 in 1 headphone/Speaker
  • Touch the button to change multimedia modes.
  • Aux, SD card, FM radio for multimedia options.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 for long-range, lag-free wireless music.
  • Cushiony soft body and ear pods.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Handfree calling with 9-hour talk time.
  • 8 hours of playback time.


  • Only one black in color.
  • No LED.
  • Average Bass quality.
  • Small ear pods.
  • Average star reviews on Amazon.

Conclusion: This Zebronics headphone comes speaker has all the goodies you need. Also, with its, Bluetooth, Aux cable, good sound, and 2 in 1 headphone is a must to get headphone from Zebronics. Under only 1200 rupees, this can be the best Zebronics Headphone you can buy.

ZEBRONICS Gaming Wired Headphone with Mic

A very cool looking gaming headset from Zebronics. This headphone has an amazing premium look with RGB light inside its ear cups. Also, its over-earcups is made for noise-canceling with clear 3d sound quality and bass.

Also, it has a leather belt and a metal belt which makes it one of the best gaming Zebronic headphones under a very good price.

Gaming Wired Headphone with Mic​ buy online


  • RGB light headphone for gaming.
  • Headband suspension support.
  • inbuilt MIC.
  • Wired Headphone with 3.5mm jack.
  • Volume controller.
  • High-quality strong wire.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Soft cushiony ear cover cups.
  • Good quality bass.


  • There are no many cons to this product. Its high-quality sound and gaming design got you covered from every side. Although its price is a little higher quality is also good and durable which also makes it a good Zebronics headphone to buy in India.

Conclusion: Another RGB gaming headset with amazing features and very good sound quality. New gamers can be very comfortable with this kind of budget-friendly headset. When it comes to prices, Zebronics headphones got you covered.

Zeb-Bang Foldable Wireless BT best Zebronics Headphone

Zebronocs Zeb Bang headphone is a classic, single color, genuine quality headphone. If you are a pure music lover then trust me you want to buy this one.

Only under 1000 rupees, this one of the best Zebronics headset comes with wireless, voice assistant, clean audio, mic, hands-free calling, and much more.

Other than you will also get to choose one from the 5 different color variants.

Zeb-Bang Foldable Wireless BT Headphone​


  • 40mm drivers.
  • Aux support.
  • BT support.
  • 16 hours of playback time.
  • Voice Assistant support.
  • Stylish and classic look.
  • The material is also very good.
  • 5 different color variants.
  • Multifunctional buttons.
  • Volume control buttons.
  • Song control buttons.
  • Charging cable.


  • This headphone comes under 1000 rupees which has no cons at all. However, you expect a bass quality that may not give you the best taste like Sony headphones. Its body and material are also quite good.

Conclusion: If you are looking for budget headphones that have no negative side at all then this Zebronics Zeb-bang foldable headphone is just for you. It is also a very sporty looking headset which you can use during a morning walk or during a gaming session.

Best Features of Zebronics Headphones/Headsets

First of all, let me tell you that if you are a Hrithik Roushan fan then you should definitely get your Zebronice headphone today because he is the brand ambassador of Zebronics.

Next, we can say that Zebronics is one of the famous brands in India and it provides products that are pocket-friendly for normal people like us.

Another great thing about Zebronics is, even under a low price range, materials, and quality of the products are very good and durable. Overall we can trust Zebronics because of its long-lasting service.

Conclusion: Maybe I am wrong but many people do not go with Zebronics which is a bad thing to be honest because Zebronics is one of the few Indian companies that manufactures really good gadgets.

In this post, we have given our honest reviews on the 10 best Zebronics headphones that you can buy online in India. If you have anything else to know about the products, you can definitely contact us or comment down.

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