Home Theatre Under 2000 Rupees to buy Online in India

Looking for the Cheap Home Theatre? Here I made a list of Top 6 Low Price home theatre under 2000 rupees that you can buy online in India.

Home music system under 2000 can be pretty amazing for homes actually. These old music systems are now full of tech and new features that can give you a long-lasting service in case of music and entertainment.

People can buy many types of home theatre music systems from online in India but some want some really low budget music system to just get the work done. Yes, if you need really cheap but good sound quality speaker system home theater, you are in the right place just look below and you will the 6 good quality Home Theatre under 2000 rupees you can get from online India.

Best of 6 Home Theatre System under 1,000 to 2,000

These under 2,000 home theatre music systems are average quality speakers that will only work out for you if you need them for your solo use. Don’t overuse or hear them in full volume. This 6 low price home theatre below two thousand can be best if you use to hear music for your relaxing time.

1. Oshaan S15 2.1 Home Theatre System (below 2000)

A good looking 2.1 sound system with 2 side speakers and 1 subwoofer, this home theatre is called Oshan S15. This speaker comes under 2000 rupees in India and it can give you a pretty decent service in case of music.

1. Oshaan S15 2.1 Home Theatre under 2000​

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  • Clear Sound
  • Impressive Bass.
  • Wooden Body Frame.
  • Wide sound range.
  • PC and USB playback for Mp3 and WWA.
  • Control with remote and physical buttons.
  • Volume and bass bar to control.
  • No Bluetooth but Aux cable will support.
  • Not any wireless features.
  • No warranty.
  • The maximum volume fluctuates.
  • Bass is average.
  • Only two side speakers.

Conclusion: Odfcourtse this one is good under 2,000 rupees in India. If you looking for this kind of cheap home theatre then go for this one.

2. IKALL IK-401 60W Bluetooth Music System under 2000

This one is can be better with Bluetooth. IKALL IK-401 is another low price home theatre system that has several cool features. This home theatre under 2000 is also a good choice for a cheap music system.

IKALL IK-401 60W Bluetooth Music System under 2000

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  • Bluetooth Support for playback streaming.
  • Other than SD, USB, AUX cable, and FM multimedia channels.
  • The beautiful sound frequency for small rooms.
  • 1 woofer and 4 side speakers 1 AUX cable.
  • Remote and physical button controls.
  • 60W power output.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • High Volume can fluctuate.
  • Average bass and sound but clear.
  • Built quality average.
  • No remote to buy.
  • Average look
  • Average material.

Conclusion: This is quite the same as the last one. You can only get this one if you are looking for any low price home theatre music system below 2000 with 4 side speakers too.

3. F&D A110 2.1 Home Theatre under 2000

F&D A110 is also a low price budget home theatre system for home uses. You can use it for your computer or TV system. Equipped with all the necessary features, this one also can be your good home theatre under 2000 rupees only.

F&D A110 2.1 Home Theatre under 2000

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  • Clear sound.
  • Light but deep bass.
  • Beautiful look.
  • Impressive quality built under this range.
  • ‘Small, compact, and easy to move but effective.
  • Complete wooden frame.
  • 20kHz frequency.
  • impressive portability can fit in your bag.
  • 1-year warranty included.
  • High volume is not so good.
  • Always high bass can herm your music system.
  • Average bully and scratchy body.
  • The speakers are round and small.

Conclusion: This compact speaker system is a very good home theatre for many purposes like a better computer speaker or a small room entertainer.

4. F&D F-203G 2.1 Music Systems under 1000

Another same product, compact design but even cheaper price. This music system comes under only 1300 rupees is the most important thing to look at. This home theater system is also a better one if you use it nice.

4. F D F-203G 2.1 Music Systems under 1000

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  • Compact design.
  • Beautiful sound.
  • 25W output sub-woofer.
  • Multimedia channel(FM, USB, and AUX support).
  • Good Customer Reviews.
  • LED lights and cool look.
  • Enough for a single room only.
  • No wooden frames for side speakers.
  • Only two speakers.
  • No warranty.
  • No wireless or Bluetooth.

Conclusion: Ever agreed anything that is called (kaam chalaw) speakers. This one is just great for a small room or office use where you can sit and enjoy simple melody songs while using your PC.

5. Tecnia Soul 201 2.1 Dluetooth Music System for Home

Another 2.1 Sound system from Technical Soul with Bluetooth connectivity is also very good in case of low price Bluetooth enable home theatre. This music system comes under 1700 rupees.

Tecnia Soul 201 2.1 Dluetooth Music System Home theatre under 2000

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  • Good looking and wooden woofer.
  • Scratch-free woofer body.
  • Clear and quality sound.
  • Multimedia channel(FM, AUX, USB) for playback streaming.
  • Bluetooth enabled and AUX cable support.
  • LED light.
  • Remote and Physical buttons for control.
  • No warranty.
  • High Volume is not that good.
  • Not portable because it’s heavy.
  • Some average rating on Amazon.

Conclusion: You can call it a low price but it still comes under a pretty decent price according to its features. With Bluetooth and all the other tech, this Tecnia Soul 2.1 speaker is also a pretty good choice under 2000 rupees in India.

6. Krisons Nexon 2.1 Bluetooth Home Theater

The last one in this list is from Krisons home theatre under 2000. This home theatre called Krisns Nexon is a 2.1 Bluetooth enabled speaker which means it has 2 side speakers and Bluetooth connectivity features. You connect it with any Bluetooth device you have.

6. Krisons Nexon 2.1 Bluetooth Home Theater

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  • Bluetooth, USB, and FM for streaming.
  • Pretty good looking music system.
  • Clear sound and light deep bass.
  • One Subwoofer
  • Two Satellite Speakers
  • One Remote Control
  • One Aux Cable included.
  • 1 Warranty Card
  • LED lights.
  • Remote and Button control.
  • Only one color.
  • High volume is average.
  • Some negative customer reviews.
  • Not a very heavy duty music system.
  • No bag no portability.

Conclusion: It’s the same as the others. At least the Bluetooth and built quality are more than average. If you are looking for a speaker system that does you more than some table speaker then go with this one. It will give you the sound and the look at both times at a cheap price range.

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Why buy a low price music system or Home theatre

We can find many speakers at a cheap price but a home theatre system is always a special thing for home. We can use it for our TV system or using it for a computer is also great. But we look for cheap or low price home theatre below 2000 with these certain conditions-

Do, you need your music system for personal use? If you want it for your personal use or maybe you listen to songs only for some time then you can go with these low-end music systems.

Or, Some time your other things don’t match with high-end speakers, just get yourself sure that you want a normal quality home theatre comes below 2000 and it is for your home only. If it is a small room then surely these sound systems can make it out.

Your budget problem? Yes, sometimes we want to make things out with whatever the budget we have. And that is why I have listed these low budget home theatre or you can say the cheapest music system that will only cost you under 2,000 rupees.

Final words: So, here were the 6 decent home theatre for your low budget requirements. Don’t you like them? Explore our website, you will find your thing for sure.

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