Best Way to Connect Zebronics Soundbar to a TV or any other device

Getting a new Zebronics Soundbar music system? These new gadgets can be tricky for some to use. In this blog post, we will know all about connection and settings. It takes more than some basic knowledge to connect a new generation music system. So, how do we connect a Zebronics Soundbar to a TV or Computer, or a Mobile Device?

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We will discuss every bit of information related to the top and find out which one is the best way to connect a Zebronics Soundbar to any device. But before we break down and explain the topic, we have learned what is a Zebronics Soundbar and what features does it have.

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What is a Zebronics Soundbar?

Most of us already know that Zebronics is one of the famous companies in India that manufactures various accessories such as speakers, headphones, etc.

Connectivity details:

A Zebronics soundbar is different from a normal home theatre and speaker.

A Zebronics soundbar has HDMI connectivity or Aux connectivity or USB drive playback. This means you can connect your soundbar and your TV with the HDMI or AUX.

You can also use Aux to play music with your phone and of course, the USB will also support at the back of the Zebronics Soundbar.

So, here are the three major connectivity options you can find in a Zebronics Soundbar or Home theatres.

But our question is which one is the best way to connect Zebronics Soundbar for the best experience?

Connectivity details of a Zebronics Soundbar

Best Way to Connect Zebronics Soundbar to a TV

The most efficient way to connect a Zebronics Soundbar to a TV for the best sound experience is with HDMI connectivity.

With the HDMI connection, you will get the best result from a Zebronics Soundbar. To connect a Zebronics Soundbar to a TV with HDMI, follow the below steps:

Best Way to Connect Zebronics Soundbar to a TV

Step 1: Follow to the back of your Zebronics Soundbar and find the HDMI output.

Step 2: Get your HDMI cable and connect to the HDMI port of your soundbar.

Step 3: Now connect the other side of the HDMI cable to the TV’s HDMI output.

With these 3 easy steps, you should be good to go with connecting your Soundbar music system with your TV.

However, there are still many TV that doesn’t support HDMI connectivity. What do we do to connect a soundbar if our TV doesn’t have an HDMI output?

In that case, we are going to use the Aux cable to connect and enjoy the best sound from a Zebronics Soundbar.

How to Connect Zebronics Soundbar (Aux cable)?

How to Connect Zebronics Soundbar (Aux cable)?

Aux cable is very simple to use. All you need to do is get an Aux cable which you can find here.

Step 1: Find an AUX cable port on the backside of your soundbar. It should be just near the HDMI port.

Step 2: Get your AUX cable and plug it in the Soundbar Aux port.

Step 3: Now plug the other side in your TV. All TV has an AUX port. We also call that the audio-video output. Just connect the AUX to the Audio output and you are good to go.

How to use a USB drive?

A Soundbar can auto-detect a USB drive. You can simply plug and play music with the remote. You should see the USB port at the back or at the front of the soundbar.

Plug the USB drive, after auto-detect, change the mode to USB mode and play music from your storage.

How to Connect Zebronics Soundbar to a Desktop/Laptop

All PCs have output to connect HDMI cable or AUX cable. You can use any of these two connectivity options to connect your Zebronics Soundbar with your Desktop or laptop. Follow these simple steps below-

Step 1: Connect the AUX cable with the Audio channel on your Desktop.

Step 2: Or connect HDMI with the HDMI port in your Graphics card.

Final Words: So, this is how easily we can connect a Zebronics Soundbar to a Desktop/Laptop or a mobile device. I Hope you all have understood the guide and successfully connect your Zebronics Speaker.

Connect Zebronics Soundbars with your TV and other Devices – Official Video

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