How to Connect Speakers to TV Without Receiver

how to connect speaker to tv

How to connect speakers without a receiver? We all know about the receiver. In our home TVs, we connect the receivers to connect more speakers with the TV. Sometimes these receivers aren’t available to every house? So, is there any way to connect speakers to a TV without the receiver? Yes, fortunately, there is and … Read more

3 Easy Steps to Wire Speakers with 4 Terminals

how to wire 4 terminals with speaker

Wiring speakers sometimes get tricky when you are a total newbie. With the latest technology, speakers also come with multiple options of connectors. Using these options we can either send our audio signals to a single driver speaker or multiple ones. Also, we can set our speaker in old-fashioned ways where it will send all … Read more

Best 5.1 Home Theater Under 3000

best home theater under 3000 rupees

A family must deserve a home theater that is good for the whole house. Today we will be checking on the top 5.1 Home Theater under 3000 rupees. These sound systems are very affordable and value for money. Check all the details and our opinion for the best budget home theater buy. After having so … Read more

Boat Stone 200 vs boAt Rugby: Which Bluetooth Speaker is the best

boat rugby vs stone 200 review and compare

You’ve been looking for the best Bluetooth speakers. You want a speaker that’s loud but not overbearing, beautiful but not too expensive, and durable enough to survive your daily life. So, today in this article we present you the honest comparison between boAt Stone 200 vs boAt Rugby. Both are promised to be the best … Read more

JBL VS Skullcandy: Which Brand gives you the best Headphones and Speakers

jbl vs skullcandy which brand is better for headphones and speakers

Is Skullcandy better than JBL? It is a prevalent question that that always comes to quality music devices. Both Skullcandy and JBL are reputed brands that manufacture various audio devices like headphones, earbuds, speakers, and more. So, today let’s compare JBL VS Skullcandy, which brand gives us the best value on sound gadgets. So, if … Read more

Boat Rugby vs JBL Flip 2: Honest Comparison, Which one is better?

Bluetooth speakers are now a primary part of our life, because of their small size design, great battery backup, and portability it gives all the delight music lover needs. Now the problem arises when you have to choose between two leading brands Boat and JBL both offers a great range of wireless speakers from the … Read more