Tower Speakers under 5000 Rupees

Looking for Tower Speakers under 5000 price range? It is a very good choice for large and medium rooms. One should not compromise while choosing a music system because music is for comfort. And it depends on the quality of sound produced by the music Ftowsystem. 

The bad sound quality of a music system kills our appetite in music. So, today we are going to review 5 best tower speakers under 5000 rupees which are well rated and reviewed by buyers in the online market.

Tower speakers are trendy they occupy less space and are designed to give you the ultimate music experience. The narrow speakers match well with flat TV panels. 

Besides you also get other basic functions like USB, optical input connection, led displays, remote control, side panel controls and many more.

So, before we start the topic of best tower speakers, let me tell u the sound systems are listed according to their styling price and specifications. 

you are also going to see changes in the styling and specification of the products varying one after another as the price hikes. 

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5 Best Tower speakers under 5000 rupees

Good Tower speakers are quite hard to find. A good tower speaker under a budget range is not easy to get. If you are looking for such tower speaker then you searching is going to end now. Check these 5 best tower speaker for home that you can buy from Amazon under a 5000 rupees price range.

These days almost all the music systems come with a Bluetooth connectivity option that means u don’t have to connect your phone and other smart devices with an extra wire called aux cable. 

If you are looking for a stylish sound system in a value for money price range then these five listed below items are for you, check them out.

1. F-902i LED ZINTEX Multimedia Tower Speakers

There are a lot of tower speakers available in the market in this range but what makes this very speaker different from its rivals is that this one has been rated 5star in the online market by the customers. This product comes under the brand name ZINTEX.

ZINTEX Tower Speaker​s under 5000 rupees


  • Fully remote control
  • Package dimensions- 68x33x22 cm (slim)
  • Connectivity- wireless, wired
  • Connector type- USB,AUX,Bluetooth
  • Additional features- Subwoofer, radio


  • Weight-6kg (too heavy)
  • Battery included- No
  • Batteries required- No
  • Warranty- Only 6-month warranty only electrical fault not eligible for breakable parts and products.

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Conclusion: The product is from the brand ZINITEX. Its fully remote control with both wired and wireless connectivity support with additional features such as radio and subwoofer with a decent vibe. if you are looking for a good sound system then the F-902i LED ZINTEX tower speakers under 5000 rupees is a good option for you.

2.Energy Sistem Tower Speakers under 5000

This speaker in number 2nd is also one of the highest-rated products in its segment and it looks simply awesome.

Energy Sistem Tower speakers System under 5000


  • Wooden cabinet speakers
  • A perfect balance between size and power
  • Item weight- 4kg (not that heavy)
  • Product dimensions- 13.2×16.5×80.8 cm (slim)
  • Output power – 30 watts
  • Connectivity- wireless
  • Audio wattage- 10 watts
  • Included components- Energy tower 1, Quick guide, 3.5 mm jack audio cable, 3.5 mm jack to RCA cable.


  • Batteries included- no
  • Connector type- only wireless Bluetooth and Auxiliary analog input jack
  • Warranty- An only 1-year replacement

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Conclusion: The product is from the brand Energy Sistem. This tower speaker offers the perfect balance between size and power. If you are looking for a tower music system under 5000 rupees in India then you can go for this one.

3. OBAGE DT-21 The Audiophile version Dual Tower speaker system

This product in number 3rd is certainly not a speaker system to bother your neighbors. It is meant for your living and enjoyment. No fake bass, no exaggerated HIGHS, and natural vocals. If you are including towards listening to music then this might be the right option you go for in this price range. This product comes with a dual tower multimedia system to check out the details below.

OBAGE DT-21 The Audiophile version Dual Tower Multimedia speaker system


  • Cabinet- 8mm MDF (pretty slim)
  • Style- dual tower
  • Interface support- Bluetooth, USB, FM, Double Aux/mic
  • Coverage area- enough for up to 175 sq. ft. closed rooms.


  • Weight- 8 kg
  • Frequency range- 50hz to 15khz
  • Subwoofer- 2×4 inch (20 watts each)
  • Warranty- only 1 year against manufacturing defect

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Conclusion: The product is from the brand OBAGLE. This brand claims that there is no fake bass created by this music system as it is inspired by nature. If you are looking for a product in the range 4,000 then you can go for this product.

4. Ibell 2871TS 75-watts 2.1 tower speaker multimedia system

This product on no 4th of the list being on ground level the speaker gives great sound on the sitting level. The tower form rids you off from the hassle of the support system needed for the speakers, have a look at the technical details given below.

Ibell 2871TS 75-watts 2.1 tower speakers multimedia system


  • Speaker type- subwoofer
  • Weight- 3.28kg
  • Package dimensions- 75.2×21.5×12.2 cm
  • Display- LED
  • Controls- remote control
  • Connectivity- Bluetooth,AUX,USB,SD/MMC card support


  • Warranty- only 1-year standard warranty & 6 months additional warranty on free registration
  • batteries included- no

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Conclusion: The product is from the brand Ibell. this product is awesome to look at and it comes with the least amount of drawbacks amongst all other products in the article. so if you are willing to have a music set or tower speakers under 5000 then you may go with this item.

5. OBAGLE DT-2425 dual tower multimedia speaker system

The last and the 5th product in our list is not meant for loud listeners as it is designed for clarity not loudness. A treat for the music lovers the V-sound signature will be soothing on your ears and you may enjoy your music for a long duration without causing any fatigue to your ears. Technical details are listed below have a look.

floor standing music system under 5000 in India


  • Great dual tower look
  • Cabinet- 11mm MDF
  • Subwoofer- 2×5.25 inch
  • Area coverage- maximum 201 sq.ft. closed room.
  • Interface support- Bluetooth, USB, Aux/ MIC.


  • Weight- 13kg (heavy)
  • Warranty- 1-year warranty against manufacturing defect

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Conclusion: The product is from the brand OBAGLE. This one is also with fewer drawbacks. it produces a very high crystal clear audio output. bass and treble can be adjusted individually, yet the bass doesn’t dominate too much. it also has an FM and Bluetooth connectivity with a neat design and has a remote as well to be operated from anywhere in the room. if you are looking for a good tower speaker under 5,000 to 5,500 then you can go with the product.

Tower Speakers under 5000: Buying Guide

Buying guide: Tower speakers under 5000 to 6000 are generally suitable for a large living room with good ceiling height. Thanks to the large acoustic chambers that offer solid bass and a natural sound. There are a lot of speakers with an excellent rating in your price range but choosing the right one is the toughest deal, But not anymore here are some simple things that you have to keep in mind while choosing a speaker for you.

Firstly, you need to see the sensitivity rating of the speakers, a speaker’s sensitivity rating tells you how effective it is at converting power into volume. Higher the rating, the lower your speaker will play with a given amount of power.

Secondly, frequency response, the wider the frequency response, the fuller the sound a speaker can produce. The frequency response of a speaker is measured in Hertz (Hz).

Thirdly, impedance indicates the amount of electric resistance that is present in an amplifier.

Fourthly, power handling the lower number indicates the minimum wattage required and the higher number tells the maximum wattage the speaker can handle for a certain amount of time.

Last but not least the material of the speaker’s drivers is also to be looked at. they can be made form a variety of materials such as metal, paper, plastic, and rubber.

Tower Speakers Under 5000: Conclusion

So, here are all the top 5 list of best tower home theater you can get under 5 thousand rupees in India. These tower home theaters are mid range sound system best for medium-big size rooms. You also choose Intex Tower Speakers or Choose wisely according to your needs. Please verify from Amazon or you can comment down below for any query. 

I hope you like this top 5 list of tower speakers. Please share with your friends too.

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