6 Most Expensive Home Theatre Music Systems on Amazon India

Looking for Music Systems under an high price range? There are many, and here is a list of 6 most expensive home theatre on Amazon India.

We all know that a music system or a home theatre system is the very best thing for home entertainment. These Audio devices are very durable and when it comes to long term home uses. And when it comes to the quality, we choose expensive stuff.

Not every one of us is middle class and live in a normal house. Of course, we know that many out there live in big expensive houses and they also have extra living rooms with big theatre like TV.

With a big room and TV, we need a big sound system too. So, today, I am making a list of the very best and most expensive Home Theatre on Amazon India.

Please Note: All these 6 products of Most Expensive Music systems are from Amazon India only.

Top 6 Expensive Home Theatre Music Systems on Amazon

Amazon has variety of High-Priced Music Systems but very few are genuine and value for money, and here you will be needing a guide to choose a costly home theatre with a better value.

In this list of 6 most expensive home theatre on Amazon, I have only included the very best and value for the price music system and left those which are fake quality products. Check below.

1. Definitive Technology High Value Home Theatre on Amazon

Definitive Technology ProCinema 1000 is a pricey and very highquality home theatre system with Bluetooth, Wifi, SD, USB, and the 5 best side speakers. This music system has a very good focal sound quality that is going to fill your house with crystal clear sound and pure deep bass. You will never need to worry about the volume increase, as it’s highest volume also feels like the clearest sound quality.

Definitive Technology ProCinema 1000 Expensive Music System

  • 4 satellite speakers.
  • 1 Centre channel speaker.
  • One Subwoofer.with impressive bass.
  • Up to 18-30,000 Hz frequency response.
  • very stylish and classy look for your theatre-like living room.
  • Small, compact, and portable.
  • Physical buttons and remote control.
  • Bluetooth, USB, SD card, and FM for the multimedia channels.
  • Very high price according to its quality.
  • Few people have tried this product.
  • No detailed information on Amazon.
  • Only one year warranty.
  • No extra bag included.
  • No premium service.
  • The AC adapter is hard to find.

Conclusion: This product on amazon is really good. Some of the customers who bought it have said it to be very good because of its quality but due to the high price, this home stereo system doesn’t have many sells.

2. Focal SIB Evo 5.1 Channel Home Cinema System

This one’s price is a little lower than the previous one, and the look is also much better. Focal SIB Evo is a 5.1 channel speaker and a very costly music system. Also it is the perfect music system for your Cinema like house. It’s high-end sound surely gives you a feeling like a real theatre house.

Focal SIB Evo 5.1 Channel Home Cinema System

  • Compact and portable.
  • Easy to install on walls, tables, or other surfaces.
  • 5 side speakers and one powerful woofer.
  • Sound quality is still the best when the volume is high.
  • Very high-end bass that can shake your house.
  • Deep focal sound quality best for cinema moment.
  • Bluetooth, SD, USB, and FM multimedia.
  • Remote and physical tap button controls.
  • Aux cable and audio video cables.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • No Wifi
  • No extra accessories.
  • Not a scratch-free body.
  • Built quality is normal.
  • Average look and materials.
  • Don’t have any extra service according to its price.
  • No customer reviews.

Conclusion: Before you decide your music system I must stop you there because you may get an even better one under this price. Speakers and music systems for home aren’t that expensive but this one of the most expensive home theatre on Amazon. So, you can have a look too.

3. Harman Kardon BDS 635 High-Priced Home Theatre

This is one is an overrated product by Harman Kardon called BDS 635 comes under a price of 1,50,000 rupees in India. With every normal feature, this costly home theatre music system doesn’t have anything special but the price and the premium sound quality. It has 5 side speakers, 1 sub-woofer, and one multimedia player. However, this music system has a great classy look too.

Harman Kardon BDS 635 Home Theater Surround Sound Speaker

  • Easy to use.
  • Multimedia player with the Volume control knob, DVD player, SD card reader, and USB reader.
  • Bluetooth and wifi for wireless streaming.
  • High-end bass.
  • Focal stereo crystal clear and loud sound.
  • Small, compact, and portable.
  • Beautiful and classy look.
  • One year warranty.
  • A France product.
  • Not good enough according to the price.
  • No customer reviews on Amazon.
  • Few products sold.
  • It could be better if the price was low.
  • Built is average.
  • The extra small DVD player is not cool.

Conclusion: Not everyone goes for the most expensive music system on Amazon. This music system is maybe very expensive but not worth the quality and features. You can get more high quality and expensive looking home theatre system at this price range.

4. Tannoy HTS 201 Tower and Stellite Home theatre system

Tannoy HTS 201 Tower and Satellite Home theatre system is a very perfect combination for you if you are looking for a high-value premium home theatre music system. This one has two amazing looking tower speakers and 3 small side speakers that will provide you the best-surrounded sound experience.

Tannoy HTS 201 Tower and Stellite Home theatre system

  • 2 Tower Speakers.
  • 3 side speakers.
  • 1 woofer gives very high-end bass.
  • Deep and crystal clear stereo sound quality.
  • Bluetooth, SD, USB, and FM features.
  • Aux Cable, remote, and physical button features.
  • HTS loud and clear sound because of titanium dome.
  • Larger angle sound because of the HTS201 tower speakers/
  • HTS subwoofer, the HTS 201 system delivers new levels of performance and style.
  • Real wooden frame for best effective bass control.
  • Glowy and crystal body design.
  • The premium look at all the parts of the system.
  • Not portable.
  • Only the 1-year warranty.
  • Not the best because of the brand.
  • Some parts are weak tho.

Conclusion: You can trust this sound system. This is the first one in this list that has some special features and premium look. Your money won’t go waste if you go with this one. This high-priced Home Theatre system comes under a price range of 60,000 rupees. It is an expensive sound system but has some really premiumness.

5. BIC America V80 Venturi 5.1 Expensive Home theatre system

A normal looking home theatre system from BIC America. This music system is an America made product that will cost you around 50,000 rupees on Amazon India. It has very good bass quality. And with its 5 satellite speakers to rock on.

BIC America V80 Venturi 5.1 Home theatre system

  • 5 premium quality satellite speakers with clear sound.
  • Focal wide range of high-end stereo.
  • Wooden cabinet for woofer can give deep bass experience.
  • Remote and Push-button controls.
  • Bluetooth and app connect for wireless streaming.
  • USB, SD card, and FM for multimedia channels.
  • One year warranty.
  • Average look.
  • No extra accessories have given.
  • No Amazon Prime warranty.
  • Nor portable.
  • Only a few items sold.

Conclusion: Quite unique and very expensive home theatre it is. The HQ stereo sound and pure bass is not comparable. You will know why it is very pricey after giving it a try.

6. Focal Dome 5.1 Expensive Home Theater Speaker

A  very pricey home theatre music system on Amazon that costs over 2,00,000 rupees. With the 5 beautiful looking wall attachable channel speakers, this sound system comes with some premium features and great built for your theatre-like room experience.

Focal Dome 5.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker System

  • Amazing built
  • Beautiful look.
  • 5 satellite speakers with 2 way attachable on, in-wall, in-ceiling, on furniture or standing positions.
  • Focal, and wider sound.
  • Loud, deep, and clear.
  • Impressive bass.
  • Very stylish looking slim woofer.
  • One year warranty.
  • High Gloss Lacquered Aluminium body
  • 150W BASH Amplifier woofer.
  • Very High Price.
  • No extra accessories.
  • No extra service manual.
  • Pretty common looking.
  • Speakers are some low quality looking but the sound quality is premium.

Conclusion: This is stereo system is not just for a look. Expensive for a reason, you can not get a much better home theatre music system under 2 lakh rupees in India.

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What Expect from a Costly Home Theatre System?

Most of the average quality home theatre already have the basic feature but not every one of them has the Smart Tech, WiFi, best stylish look, Premium Sound Quality and Long Durable.

All these things should come with an expensive home theatre. If there are no such features than your home music system is expensive for nothing.

This world has many amazing and expensive home theatre and speakers that are very high in price range. But in this list, you will only find the home theatre that are available for Amazon India and has a good selective value.

Final Words: So, here was the list of 6 top costly home theatre systems you can find on Amazon India. These are some of the best quality home music systems that are not made for rough use and also not compromised with any low-quality materials.

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