Zebronics 5.1 Tower Speakers under 5000 Rupees

Getting the premium product at an affordable price from the recognized is still one of the challenging tasks. The Zebronics 5.1 speakers are really powerful for delivering the PRO-level audio output for boosting the sound performance. If you are the one to find the best Zebronics 5.1 Tower speakers under 5000 rupees then you are in the right place.

The Zebronics Zeb Twist 5.1 may be the perfect decision while choosing the speakers from this brand. Here we are going to give a short review of the 3 best Zebronics 5.1 Tower speakers that meet your level of sound experience.

Zebronics is one of the leading brands from India ahead in providing the best speakers, and it’s accessories over the market. Recently Zebronics First-Ever Smart Speaker is also catching the market. We got a lot of multimedia speakers and earphones from this brand all over the market at an affordable price.

Smart Speaker with Alexa Built-in Feature

Zebronics is also the leading brand in the accessories world from India. Okay, let’s find the 3 best Zebronics 5.1 speakers in India.

3 Best Zebronics 5.1 Tower Speakers In India

Commonly, the Zebronics 5.1 tower speakers include these three speakers from this list. Yes, here we are commonly discussing the top 3 Zebrnics 5.1 Shark Tower speakers for you. Check out-

Zeb Twist 5.1 Bluetooth Tower Speaker

Zeb Twist 5.1 Bluetooth Tower Speaker

Zeb-Twist 5.1 is one of the best Zebronics 5.1 Tower Speakers under 5000 rupees. The price of this speaker is quite more than the 5000, but you can manage it after going on this speaker. The speaker comes with the latest 5.1 channel and has a Wireless connection nature.

As on wireless, we can connect this speaker with Bluetooth. Additionally, we have got other connections as the source like USB, Optical, AC3, SD, etc. The latest 5.1 speakers placed definitely give you the best 306 Degree of sound experience that makes it possible to use outdoor.

There is an expected level of bass with the 8-inch subwoofer. Additionally, we got the RGB Lights with a remote control that makes you more easily for getting control with your Zeb-Twist 5.1.

When we talk about another Input source for the music and sound we got the different supportive inputs like USB, SD Card, AUX Cable, etc. The USB Method is one of the best options for many users after Bluetooth. The company has clearly mentioned the speaker can support the USB and SD Drives limited to 32 GB.

The frequency response of this Zeb-Twist 5.1 is from 50Hz to 18KHz. So, there is no doubt regarding the real sound performance. Definitely, it’s one of the best Zebronics 5.1 Tower Speakers under 5000 rupees.

The 10KG weight seems quite heavy and not portable. Anyway, it home used theatre, so you don’t need to worry about it. Personally, I like this speaker after getting its features like the latest audio channel.

  • Latest 5.1 Speaker
  • Stylish Finish
  • Powerful Bass with clear sound
  • Supports Various Input
  • 13.33cm Subwoofer for best sound
  • Not portable
  • Only MP3 Format support via USB Drives

Zebronics 5.1 Tower Speaker- Trump BTRUCFO

Zebronics 5.1 Tower Speaker under 5000- Trump BTRUCFO

Searching to get the best sound speaker with the charming LED Light to make your room even better? The Zeb Trump BTRUCFO is that best Zebronics 5.1 tower speakers that meet you need. Here we can get the multi-colored LED Lights that definitely glow your room as like the party palace.

Coming to its main features we can find the 5.1 surround audio that definitely makes the sound better for your room and even outdoors. As more, we got the 16.51 cm longer subwoofer for delivering the deep level of Bass with the crisp sound.

As like our first Zeb-Twist 5.1 this speaker also supports the other different inputs for the sound source as connection features. Getting with the Zeb Trump BTRUCFO is better and has a powerful remote that controls your music and playback from the distance.

The frequency range of this sound system flows from 50Hz-18KHz. Similarly, the 6 Ω Impedance Subwoofer is okay for making the sound system more effective and better.

Here we got the latest version of Bluetooth that definitely delivers the latency-free sound experience. As more, there are the In-built FM Radio features for getting in touch with the wireless FM Radio. Obviously, this replaces the Zebronics tower speakers 5.1.

  • Latest 5.1 Speaker
  • Multi-colored LED Lights
  • Deep Bass with clear sound
  • Latest Bluetooth Version
  • Latency Free connection
  • Multi-connectivity option
  • 16.51cm Subwoofer for best sound
  • Lighter than Zeb-Zosh
  • Only MP3 Format support via USB Drives
  • Seems Ugly/ Not attractive in Look


Zeb-JOSH BTRUCFO floor standing home theatre system under 5000

Zeb-Zosh is one of the premia Zebronics 5.1 shark tower speakers that come with the super surround sound experience. Yes, here we got the super sound experience with a better base for your experience.

Coming to its sub-woofer we got the 20.32 cm sub-woofer. As like other Zebronics tower speakers 5.1 this speaker also features multi-connectivity. As more, we got the RGB Lights on this device and have the remote control as additional.

The 6 Ω Impedance Subwoofer sure in delivering a better level of sound quality. Not only that we got the 50Hz-18KHz frequency range on this device for optimizing your sound experience.

Zeb-Josh BTRUCFO has the 2ch RCA, AC-3, Optical as Line Input and supports only the MP3 format from the USB Drives. Here also, we got the built-in FM Radio having the frequency ranged 87.5-108MHz.

  • Latest 5.1 Channel
  • RGB LED Lights
  • Remote control
  • Multi-connection features
  • 20.32 cm Subwoofer for Deep Bass
  • Heavy and separated parts lack portable nature
  • Only MP3 Format support via USB Drives
  • Miss the latest V5.0 Bluetooth (comes with 4.2)

Final Words

Finding the best Zebronics 5.1 tower speakers is possible for you after getting this post. Here we have mentioned the best Zebronics 5.1 Tower Speakers under 5000 rupees. We hope you got the best Zebronics 5.1 shark tower speakers as per your need.

Choose your best Zebronics Tower Speaker from this list. Also, Share and Support Speakers Trend.

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