20 Best Wired Earphones with Mic| All Price Range

Earphones are one of the mandatory accessories for all smartphone users. In absence of earphones, the musical part of your life with smartphones will be incomplete. These all smartphone users must have good and premium quality earphones, either the budget is less or more. For this, we have given you the best-wired earphones with MIC in every price range.

If you are in search of the best wired earphones in India, then here we are with you. After this post, you can get the list of top and best earphones under 500-2000 with better quality. From the sources, we have collected this list that will make it easy in taking the right decision to buy a good quality wired earphone according to your budget.

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Features to Expect on Good Earphones

As we all know, best wired earphones must have all features to make your musical experience better. Because of this, here are some points that you need to find on the earphones before buying.

Acoustic System

Acoustic is one design of any earphones that helps in stopping the noise. This system stops the passing noise coming from the outer sources.

It means these features aim in making your sound coming from the earbuds limited to the ears. In simple, the other users near to you can’t listen to the sound from that earphones.


Frequency response is also another major feature to be noted while buying the new earphones. This refers to to the frequency range of earphones. This is the coverage calculation of the frequency of any earphones.

Normally, we can find earphones feature 4-20KHz. So, the increase in the frequency improves your earphone and it’s sound.


The term that can be mentioned in terms of dB/mW then it is called sensitivity. The earphones having higher sensitivity is better than the earphones having lower sensitivity.

Magnet used

Mainly we can find the use of Neodymium on earphones. It is one of the quality types of the magnet as compared to the Ferrite. So, we can say the earphones having Neodymium magnets are better.

Others: Diagram, Voice Coil, Impedance, etc.

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Top Wired Earphones in India| 2021

The best earphones with mic under every price range must have quality features and meets almost all qualities of the complete and good earphones. Here we have grabbed the list of best earphones in terms of their features compared to the price. We have limited the price of earphones from 500 to 2000 INR.

Okay, let’s see your next earphone with a brief review, pros, and cons.

Top Wired earphones in 2021 according to the budget and quality-

1. Sony MDR-XB510AS

wired earphones price from Sony

If you are in search of higher price wired earphones with a mic, then definitely the Sony MDR XB 10AS is the best wired earphone option that I have got. We can find this earphone with splash-proof and waterproof resistance that makes it more weather-friendly.

For better, we can find the tangle-free wire and have the Microphone for making the latency and hands-free phone call. Best for listening to music and also with the phone calls. In this lockdown, if you are also doing online classes, then this product from Sony is the best thing you can get.

Basically, its built quality, features, and brand value are key points that make you agree with the price. Under 3000 rupees price range, this wired earphone is going to give you the best sound experience for sure.


Super Premium Product

Hands-free phone calling

Better design with tangle free cable

1-year product warranty

Comfortable earbuds


Price is higher

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2. Senlee CCA C10 HiFi

Senlee CCA C10 HiFi wired earphones

You can see, how cool does this earphone look. I must say that this wired earphone is a heavy duty earphone for long time use. It has fibre wire that makes it not only look cool but also ever lasting earphone. Also its silver look give you a better protection while using it roughly.

Apart from its style and looks, The powerful driver is the sole feature of these wired earphones. Yes, we got the 4 balanced armature on it. Besides this, there are the extra two comfortable sets of earbuds for giving you more relaxation for you.

Moving for the extra points, CCA CA10 in its cups maximizes your potential going for this earphone. Similarly, we show them its compact and impressive chain design tangle-free cable adds additional value.


Tangle-free cable

Microphone for calling and voice recording

Premium product

Better and powerful sound with the 4BA 1D 5 drivers


Looks outdated

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3. CK 10 Wired Headphones

CK wired headphones in India

CK 10 comes with the 6 moving coil in-Ear cups for relaxing and boosting your engagement with the music and movies. Like other premium product, we got the In-line control panel over the mic box for progress.

We can find the 9mm bass with the 7mm mid-tweeter produces the extra high and premium level sounds for the users. As more, there is a premium feel while in actual use. This one is a very good quality wired earphone because of its strong wires.


Stronger bass and has the powerful sound output

Simple control with control menu

The microphone as inbuilt features


3 sets of silver Comfortable earbuds


The wires design looks outdated

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4. Brainwavz M2

Brainwavz M2 earphones

Still, searching for other best wired earphones? The Brainwavz M2 may be the 1st option for all Android-iOS users. This earphone comes with a wired nature and has well-engineered earbuds for producing natural sounds.

We got many features like the stereo, proper bass, noise isolation mic, and many more that validated the price of these earphones.

Its tangle-free nature is the key point that makes the earphone more durable and has a lightweight nature for your progress and long-term use.


Powerful bass

Tangle-free cable

Compatible for all devices, iOS, Android, PC,

Hassle-free warranty

Comfortable with the well-engineered earbuds


Wires design not so good

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5. MFRI Certified for iOS

MFRI Certified wired earphones for iOS device

Are you iOS users? The best wired earphones in India with mic under 3000 that I got for the Apple Smartphones users are CERTIFIED by MFI. This earphone comes with an In-ear nature and compatible with all iOS devices.

We got the Microphone for making the hands-free phone call. Also, there is the Volume control button used for making proper control over the volume without devices.

As of last the Stereo noise isolation makes the price okay for you. And the water-resistant nature makes you go with these earphones in any weather.


Certified by MFI

Dual Driver delivers the powerful sounds


Noise isolation mic

Compatible for all iOS


Not for Android Users

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Best Wired Earphones Under 500

1. Blaupunkt EM10

Blaupunkt EM10 under 500 earphones with mic

The earphone has a multi-functional button that is not other than Blaupunkt EM10. This earphone comes to a super high bass that meets your need to get a better sound experience.

When we come towards the sound quality, then it is sure that we can get extra powerful sound quality. Further, an inline mic on these wired earphones that give the better service to you.


Looks great in physical

Super audio quality

Hands-free phone calling with mic

Remote for simple control

Durable L Shaped jack

1-year product warranty


Nor durable wire

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2. boAt Bassheads 225 Orange Wired earphones

boAt Bassheads 225 Orange Wired earphones

If you will get the best wired earphones with a mic under 2000 in 2021, then the boAt bassheads 225 is another option for you. This earphone comes with a tangle-free cable, which we need for longer cable life.

Coming to its Mic then this mic is for you for making the hands-free phone calling. It’s that earphone comes with the higher features at a lower price.


PVC Cable for durability

Compatible for all devices

Microphone for hands-free phone calling

1-year product warranty


Lacks Noise cancellation

Not Better quality and design

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3. CROSS LOOP Pro with Tangle Free Wire

CROSS LOOP Pro with Tangle Free Wire

These wired earphones come with a strong metallic driver that rolls an Extra Bass. Coming to the pro features then we can find the Multi-functional remote for making proper control over any playback.

Coming to its portability and comfortable point then it’s worth it for you. Here we can find the metallic finish earbuds for giving more relaxation on use.


Multi-functional remote/ button

Metallic finish

Deep Bass


1-year product warranty


We can’t expect the better sound output

Not Durable

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4. AT&T E10 (USA)

AT&T E10 (USA with super bass and clear sound

It’s possible to get the powerful sound from this earphone with the powerful dynamic drivers. Coming to its microphone, then it’s able to roll out the proper control over your music playback.

We can find the 3 replaceable earbuds based on silicone for more comfortable on longer use. One of the cool and classic looking these good quality wired headphones are also good for price value.


Looks Great

Comfortable for longer hours

Comes with the 3 replaceable earbuds, silicon type

1-year product warranty


Not powerful bass

The cable isn’t durable, not tangle-free

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5. LUMIFORD Ultimate U30 Wired Earphones

 LUMIFORD Ultimate U30 Wired Earphones

If you want to get the tangle-free cable and passive noise cancellation on your new earphone, then the LUMIFORD Ultimate U30 is for you. This earphone comes with the almost complete features of premium-level earphones.

LUMIFORD U30 comes with the 10mm Dynamic driver for HD Sound. So, there is no compromise in terms of the sound quality that you can get on this earphone.

In terms of compatibility, this earphone is perfect. Here we can find the compatible range for connecting with any device with the 1.2m longer tangle-free cable.


Longer and tangle-free cable

Acceptable for all the devices

Inline control with Microphone

3 set of Interchangeable rubber cups for comfortable for you

HD Sound

1-year product warranty


Not louder sound

Hurts on longer use

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Best Earphone Under 1000

1. JBL T210 Pure Bass Premium

 JBL T210 Pure Bass Premium

One of the clean and premium outlook best-wired earphones with mic under 2021 to buy is JBL T210. it’s one of the pure bass earphones that comes with an Aluminum design body.

Here we get the Tangle-free nature so you don’t need to worry in terms of the durability of the wires. Also, the JBL Pure Bass sound makes you go for long hours with better sound output.

Coming to its advanced features, we can find an Enriched design with metallic touches for better exploration with the music of your choice.


Comes with JBL Pure Sound

Better Product quality

Powerful Bass

Noise cancellation

Universal remote function with a single button

Metallic and premium design

Longer cable

1-year product warranty


Not provide effective sound after the time with one side (as per reviewer)

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2. JBL C100SI White color Earphones

JBL C100SI White color Earphones

Searching for the best wired earphones with a mic under 1000 then the JBL C100SI is for you. Here we can find the stylish and impressive feel while we go on the real use of this earphone.

As with other earphones from JBL, we can find the JBL Signature Sound. In terms of price the sound quality given on this earphone is up to the satisfaction level.

Further, we can find an extra deep bass. Because of this, getting with the favorite track will be more impressive and great for you. Also, we can find the-button Universal Remote with the microphone for making easy and hands-free calling.

Getting the clear output of your voice will be possible on these wired earphones with the Noise-canceling microphone. Further, we can find control over AI like Google’s Assistant.


Impressive and premium design

Come with the JBL Sound Signature

Simple control over the media, a phone call with the-Button Universal remote

Deep Bass

Control over the Google Assistant

Active Noise cancellation

1-year product warranty


The single button may not easy for making fast control, lacks the volume control button

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3. Joie USB Type C (Upgraded Version)

Joie USB Type C earphones Upgraded Version

The upgraded version of Joie USB Type C is another perfect earphone to buy under 2000 in India. Here we can find the wired-in-ear earbuds with comfortable earcups. With its comfortable earcups, you are more likely to spend long hours with no difficulties.

USB Type C port is one of the major highlights of this earphone. Yes, its latest design Type C port makes this earphone different from our long list.

To make it easier on making control your playback we can find the multi-functional controller. Using this you can control the playback and pick up the phone calls. For, making your phone calls we can find the better quality In-line mic.


Latest USB Type C Port

Multifunctional Remote control

Lightweight and portable

Compatible for all devices having a USB Type C port

Better Sound Quality/ output

Aluminum body, durability

1-year product warranty


Not attractive design

Lacks Premium Finish

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4.  JBL C200SI Super Deep Bass Wired Earphones

JBL C200SI Super Deep Bass Wired Earphones

The JBL Signature Sound comes with True Premium level bass. In every spec, this earphone is perfect for you. Here we get the latest metallic finish that makes you spend money on this earphone.

Coming to its Pro-level features, then we can find the Noise cancellation microphone that makes your phone call hands-free.

Also, getting the Quick Launch of AI like Google Assistant and Siri makes it easier to go for these super wired earphone in India.


Lightweight design and probable

Supported by all devices

Premium finish with metal body

Quick launch of AI like Google Assistant

The microphone features Noise cancellation

1-year product warranty


Rubber quality lacks tangle free cable

Not Better noise cancellation

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5. Dhavals Shoppe Type C Wired earphones

Dhavals Shoppe Type C Wired earphones

Another earphone from our list with the Type C connector that makes your earphone preference better is Dhavals Shoppe Type C.

This earphone comes at the best and affordable price. Also, we can find a better finish as per the price.


Looks great

USB Type C

Microphone for making phone calling

Stereo design

HD Sound output


Not better user experience

Not Powerful Bass

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High Quality Wired Earphones Under 2000

1. Skullcandy Smokin Buds2

Skullcandy Smokin Buds2

The first earphone from our list that comes under your budget is Skullcandy Smokin Buds2. These high quality wired earphones come with a tangle-free cable so we don’t need to take worry in terms of cable durability.

Its Oval-Shaped and angled earbud gives more relaxation on using these earphones for longer hours. Similarly, we have got a microphone for making hands-free calling. In terms of physical design, this earphone looks great.


Better Design


Mic for hands-free phone calling

Tangle-free cable for durability

Better Bass

1-year product warranty


Not better user experience

Not Better quality

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2. Sony MDR-EX255AP

Sony MDR-EX255AP

Sony MDR-EX255AP comes with an In-line mic that gives more freedom for making hands-free phone calling. Using this earphone you can enjoy the high-quality features.

Getting the powerful sound and Bass is possible with the 12mm neodymium magnet driver used on this earphone.

Similarly, getting longer use on this earphone is possible with its comfortable and lightweight nature. Also, you can get a more flexible finish and looks that match your style with its Vivid color.


Impressive design

Better bass and sound

Comfortable for longer use with the comfortable earcups

Lightweight and portable

Better frequency rate from 5Hz-25KHz

1-year product warranty


Not Durable wire lacks tangle free cable

Not expected sound quality as per the price

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3. Soundmagic E10C Wired Earphones

Soundmagic E10C Wired Earphones

The flagship level and best wired earphone with mic under 2000 INR are Soundmagic E10C. Here we can find the compatible nature of this. Due to this, it’s compatible with almost all devices.

Also, we have a powerful and lightweight nature that makes the more perfect for you to meet the requirements of good wired earphones under 2000. For making easy answering phone calls we can find an Integrated smart remote.

Similarly, we can find this earphone lighter and sleek so it’s easy and more comfortable to use for long hours. For the powerful bass and sound quality, it’s one of the powerful earphones that I got for under 2000 INR.


Impressive design

Features the Microphone and remote for making it easy to control

Compatibility for all devices

Better Bass with intelligible sound

Light nature and portable

1-year product warranty


Lacks Tangle free nature, not durable

Not Smooth listening experience

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This earphone comes with an In-line mic and 9mm neodymium driver for better audio output. Also, its lightweight design makes you happy to go for this earphone as per the price.

For comfortability, then it’s pretty comfortable and perfect to meet the best user experience.


9mm neodymium driver for better sound quality

Portable and light

High-silicone earbuds for comfortable and longer hours

Shiny metallic finish


Lacks better quality

Not so good on the outer design

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5. Apple Earpods

Apple Earpods

If you are an iPhone smartphone user then here I have bought the best earphone for iPhone under 2000. This wired earphone is perfect and budget-friendly that meets all the requirements of a good earphone.

Getting the better and maximum sound is possible on this earphone with the well-engineered earbuds. Coming to the weight and portability then it’s pretty enough for you as per the price to buy.



Comfortable earbuds



Traditional outlook

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Now after reading the best wired earphones in India with mic under 2000 you can make the right choice for your need. We have provided the list of 15 best earphones below 2000 INR.

The collection of top 15 earphones under 2000 fulfills all your search queries. We hope now you can make the correct decision on finding the best-wired earphones as per your budget.

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