Best Wired Earphones Under Price 1000 Rupees in India

To meet all the requirements for good wired earphones under 1000 in India, you must have to go for around 1000 INR. After making the top list of best wired earphones under 500 in India, we are here for listing the Best wired Earphones under 1000 rupees.

Although the price of smartphones and it’s accessories are cheaper as compared to the other nations, it’s hard to get quality products that meet all your needs under the budget. Due to this, we tried our best to give a shortlist of the best in-ear wired earphones with mic under 1000 in Indian Market this year 2021.

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Get wired earphones under 1000-Guides

Before going for the list of best earphones, let me clear the major reason and points to be considered before buying the earphones. Well, we have already mentioned some mandatory points to be followed on it. Here also let’s discuss it in short.

Getting the best wired earphones under 1000 for your smartphones is that we have to find that earphones having good material quality and clear sound. The main reason for every mid-range wired earphone is to provide a clear sound and durability. That’s the reason you have to use and choose the better earphones.

Furthermore, we can also find this type either you are preferring the wired or wireless. For wired earphones, you have to choose the strong wired for uncertain damage of the wire. Besides this, you have to know some features like Noise cancellation, AUX, Media control, etc. as per your need.

So, let us know what these wired earphones under 1000 can offer-

Top Wired Earphones Below 1000 Rupees

1000 rupees wired earphones are quite good quality to get. In 2021, we can find a lots of options to choose a better quality wired earphones under 1000 rupees.

For the guide, we have listed the top 5 wired earphones under the price range. You can get a quick look below-

1. JBL T110 In-Ear, Pure Bass Wired Earphone

2. Brainwavz Omega IEM, A Noise Isolating Earphones

3. SONY MDR-EX150AP Earphone

4. 1MORE Piston – Amazon’s Choice

5. JBL C100SI In-Ear Deep Bass Wired earphones

`1. JBL T110 In-Ear Headphones With Pure Bass

JBL T110 In-Ear Headphones is one of the best-wired earphones under 1000 that meets all your requirements. It is one of the complete wired-type earphones that comes with the JBL Pure Bass Sound. The quality of sound from these Headphones is sound better than you think.

Besides this, we can also find the features of controlling over the music and media playback with the 1-button remote along with a microphone for recording the audio and phone calls.

Furthermore, we can also find the tangle-free flat cable and high dynamic panel for better sound maintenance. Overall it’s the perfect earphones that I got on Amazon to buy under 1000.

best JBL wired earphone under 1000


Pure Bass Sound, clear and better sound quality.

Super comfortable earbuds.

Control over the phone calls, music playback easily with 1-button remote.

Comes with a 3.5mm audio jack with, Frequency Range between 20-20000Hz.

Under 1000 rupees earphone.


May is not favorable in terms of design for some people.

Lacks Audio Cancellation Mic.

This JBL wired earphone price- 789/-

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2. Brainwavz Noise Isolating Wired Earphones under 1000

Brainwavz Omega is an another wired earphones under 1000 that come with super premium quality sound and mic, are not other than the Omega IEM. It’s one of the Noise Isolating Earphones that comes with the engineered earbuds that makes it easier and more comfortable in wearing.

Coming to its body then we can find this earbud is prepared with Stainless steel that looks shiny. In terms of weight, we can find this earphones tool lightly. With the High-Performance micro audio speakers, you can get a decent audio output while using them.

This wired earphone under 1000 rupees but its wires are very heavy and durable. Many of us face wire defect problems but you won’t face such issues with this one.

sound isolation wired earphone under 500 rupees


High-quality earphones with the engineered stainless earbuds for comfortable use.

Features noise isolating helps in eliminating the ambient noise.

Comes with high-performance micro audio speakers.

Comes with 3.5mm audio jack, Frequency Range between 20-20000Hz.

It features a portable and all device responsive, you can use these earphones with all devices.

Under 1000 rupees earphone.


Here also we can find the Noise cancellation mic.

Not good enough for wired earphones under 1000 INR.

This Wired Headphone price comes under- 999 rupees

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3. SONY MDR-EX150AP wired earphones under 1000

The trusted SONY also in the market for providing the best wired earphones under 1000 in India. Here we can find the 9mm neodymium drivers for powerful and balanced sound in this earphone. Besides this with the In-Line Mic makes it easy for handling hands-free calling.

Due to its lightweight, it is easy to handle, use as you require. Further, we can find comfortable and secure-fitting silicone earbuds for making you engaged on music with SONY MDR-EX150AP.

Coming to its physical design then it looks decent with its Vivo blue colors. Also, the shiny color polished over the metallic finish gives the descent physical look to these earphones. Sony MDR in-ear wired earphones under 1000 is not the best as the brand has many premium Sony Earphones to buy.

But still, we can consider buying this SONY MDR-EX150AP for an average wired earphone experience.

Sony wired earphone below 1000 rupees


Premium feel the shiny metallic body makes it impressive.

The hands-free calling experience with Inline Clean Mic.

Long-term music playback with its comfortable earbuds.

Comes with a 3.5mm audio jack with, Frequency Range between 5-25000Hz.

A year product warranty, Vivid color gives an impressive look.

Works on all types of devices.

Under 1000 rupees earphone.


Comes with a single color and seems too shiny.

In-ear Earphone price 899/-

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4. 1MORE Piston Fit Earphone

1 More is another good quality wired earphones under 1000 Piston Earphone. The quality of this earphone is awesome. From my side, I love this product.

Here the main point that makes you go for this earphone is its Dynamic Driver-dual layer composite driver with aerospace grade titanium. With this, you can get the powerful bass for your audio and music playback.

Coming to Its design then we can find the comfortable ear cups that make you keep on going with your favorite song a longer. In every aspect the features and quality of this earphone are outstanding.


Premium product under the budget, Piston Classic –

Made with an Aluminum alloy body merges the timeless esthetic.

The powerful bass with Dynamic Driver -Dual-layer driver.

Fit for all types of sound sources like smartphones, Bar phones, PCs, and laptops.


We can’t find the Noise Cancellation Mic that is necessary for clean audio.

Average reviews for these wired earphones under 1000 INR.

1 More wired earphone price 849/-

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5. JBL C100SI In-Ear Deep Bass Headphones with Mic

This earphone comes with the JBL Signature Sound that makes you go for it. With its extra-deep bass, this wired earphone under 1000 rupees will have the better and next-level audio output ever. Due to its wired nature, we can find the 3.5mm jack for connecting to your devices.

It’s one of the noise-canceling microphones that makes your phone call clear and sound. It’s one of the notable features that we can get in this earphone.

As with the T110 here also we can find the media playback controlling function with its One-Button Universal Remote that comes with the Mic. Similarly, accessing and making control over the Google Assistant and Siri is possible from this earphone.

jbl wired earphone below 700 rupees


Premium design, sleek, glossy, and Ergonomic.

One button controls the music playback and phone calls.

Quick launch of Google Assistant and Siri.

These earphones Compatible with all devices.

Best wired earphones under 1000 INR.


Lacks Noise Cancellation Mic.

Cheapest yet beast JBL wired earphone price- 649 rupees only.

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Conclusion: Wired Earphones under low price

From this list, you have found the best list of wired earphones under 1000 in the Indian market that meets all your needs. There is no doubt in saying all the mentioned earphones are best for you that meet all the features of premium earphones.

Personally, SONY MDR is one of my favorite earphones that comes under 1000 on Amazon India. The main reason to go for this earphone from my side is its design, which looks like premium. Also, the hands-free calling experience with Inline Clean Mic features makes me go for this earphone.

Besides this, 1More best earphone from the personal side is not other than the 1MORE Piston Fit. Yes, it’s the perfect wired earphone belopw 1000 that I found on Amazon that meets all the features that I would want in a wired earphones under one thousand rupees in 2021.

Finally, I hope this list makes it easy in finding and choosing the best-wired earphones below 1000 in India.

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