Top 5 Wired Earphones under 2000 rupees in India

Wired earphones are cheaper but sometimes premium wired earphones with mic under 2000 can be perfect for your daily music. Getting the best choice of earphones can be possible if you upgrade the price to around 2000. To get quality earphones under 1000 or even Under 5000 is possible these days. But a 2000 rupees wired earphone? Not so sure right? So, today we have come with some of the best durable and tangle free wired earphones under 2000 rupees to buy in 2021. 

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Earphones are one of the important mobile accessories that help in making you safe most times. We have found making the phone calls by plugging the earphones makes the caller’s voice secret among the closest ones sitting with you and other 4 reasons to use wired earphones. Here mean, If you want to get something better and make the smartphone look complete then the earphone is that one.

As we all know nowadays almost most smartphone companies are not referring to and providing an earphone on the box with the new smartphones. Although earphones are the mandatory accessories for smartphones, it’s difficult to get earphones, if there are then it is sure hard to get quality wired earphones under 2000 price range.

Here we are talking about quality earphones that meet all the latest features, designs, and components. For all of that, you need to go for the flagship earphones. That’s the topic on Wired earphones with mic under 2000 in India.

Wired Earphones Under 2000| With Mic

So, under 2000, we can find the premium level, warranty-based earphones with the proper bass and design. On this budget, we can find the earphones having premium materials, lightweight, clean, proper bass, comfortable earcups, Noise cancellation, and many more features.

Making the proper choice on Wired earphones under 2000 can be easier by going to this list.

Philips Hi-Res PRO6305BK

It is possible to get all the premium features of earphones in this Philips Hi-Res. Here we can find almost all the premium features that we can find on other top wired earphones under 2000 in the market. Let me clear all the features in short.

We can find the high-resolution audio output that makes the output super. It means through this earphone you get the pure audio output that makes more clear in getting with any sound coming on your ear from this earphone.

Also, In-line mic and multi-media controller make easier to making control the media playback and phone calls too. The great point that impresses you with this earphone is its Passive noise isolation. With these features, you can get better quality audio output also on the lower volume.

It’s the perfect and the best earphones with mic under 2000 that comes with the 3 ear cap sizes that give an option of choosing the best earcups for your ears. Similarly, the physical appearance also looks great.

Its sleek ergonomic design makes it more attractive among users. At all, it’s a complete and premium level earphones based on a luxurious metallic finish.

Philips hi res in ear earphone


Premium design, sleek ergonomic, glossy, and metallic finish.

Comes with In-Line Mic and easy in handling phone calls with Pick Up Button.

High resolution audio and with better bass, Passive noise isolation.

Perfect for your ear with three comfortable earcups.

Noise cancellation.

1 Year Warranty.


Can’t features control over the Google Assistant and Siri.

The price is below 1000 so it lacks all premium features.

Buy Phillips earphones under 2000 rupees-

SONY MDR-XB55- Wired Earphones under 2000

The best among the best wired earphones with mic under 2000 in India that you can buy it online now is SONY MR-XB55. In this tangle free wired earphones under 2000 where we get a 12mm neodymium driver for more powerful bass sound while using. This earphone comes with a single-year warranty.

The seller has simply mentioned it is one of the perfect earphones for the EDM (Electronic Dance Music). Besides this, we can find the comfortable earcups in this earphone that make you keep on going on your favorite for a longer hour.

In terms of its physical design then we can find the complete premium finish. There is a shiny metallic finish that makes it more attractive and premium. Further, with the feature of In-Line Mic, it’s possible for making a Hands-Free Phone call.

As being one of the high-quality Bass earphones under 2000 we can find the High secure fitting silicone earcups that make it easier to listen to music with full bass. With its wired nature, we can find the L-Shaped connector over the 3.5mm audio port in devices.


Features EDM (Electronic Dance Music), High Silicone-based earcups for clean audio with bass

Comes with In-Line Mic and easy in handling phone calls with Pick Up Button

Shiny, attractive metallic design makes it more impressive

Compatible for almost all devices

Features Noise cancellation

1 Year of Warranty


Lacks Microphone.

Price is quite higher than 2000.

Buy Sony Wired earphones under 2000 from India-

Sennheiser CX213

An Innovative design earcup that makes you more comfortable while wearing at your price is Sennheiser CX213. Like another premium earphone here, we find the different sizes of ear adaptors that make it easier in using as per your comfort.

Its super powerful baas-driven stereo speaker provides a more simple sound. Similarly, the supreme level attenuation of ambient noise makes this earphone more favorable in use for you. Also, we have got the optimized sound quality and connection.

Getting extra better quality on your sound is possible by the Symmetrical cable on it. There is no doubt whether it looks better. These wired earphones under 2000 is perfect for your device and king in providing super quality sound with zero noise.

It limits the sound pressure level to 115 dB. Also, the 2-year product warranty makes you trust the quality of the product. It is one of the good wired earphones with mic under 2000.

mid range wired earphone under 2000


Comes with a better housing design.

Easy and comfortable earcups, easy in wearing with the three comfortable earcups as per your need.

Powerful bass with the stereo sound.

Compatible for almost all devices.

Features Attenuation for ambient noise.

2 Year of Warranty.

Wired earphones with mic under 2000


Simple in design.

Cord wire looks outdated.

Buy Sennheiser CX213 wired earphones under 2000

Mi Dual Driver in-Ear Earphones under 2000

Searching for a strong cable for an uncertain cut of your wire? It is one earphone that comes with a strong wire. With its tangle-free cable, you feel free in using it for a long time. Mi Dual Driver is another best earphone with a mic under 2000 that comes with a better quality sound experience.

This earphone comes under 2000 and it delivers a better sound experience with low distortion. Getting the better sound with Quality bass is possible from this earphone. No doubt Mi Dual Driver is that earphone that features Passive Noise cancellation.

From this making control over your Google Assistant and Siri is possible. With its 3-button operation, you can feel easier in taking control over the media playback too. Besides the design also looks simple and better. With its comfortable and magnetic-based equips you can get more comfortable at relaxing.


Simple and better design.

Soft and magnetic earcups make more comfortable in using.

High bass with quality sound.

Tangle-free cable for durability.

Control over the Google Assistant.

Passive Voice Isolation, better sound at lower volume.


Not Better Design.

Warranty not mentioned.

Buy Mi Dual Driver Earphones under 2000

JBL C200SL Super Deep Premium Earphone

The story of JBL is still on the list of best-wired earphones under 2000. Do you know the highlighted features on almost all the earphones of this brand is ‘JBL Signature Sound’? C200SL is the super Deep premium earphone that comes with powerful bass.

With its active noise-canceling microphone, you get to make a stable and clear phone call. Coming to its design, the premium metal-based material finish makes this earphone outlook even better than the price.

Likewise, as like MI Dual Driver, making control over your Google Assistant will be possible and easier with this earphone. For that, we can find the-button universal remote, including the Mic.


Better design at a lower price.

3 sets of comfortable earcups.

Powerful bass with quality sound.

Control over the Google Assistant & Siri.

1 Year Product Warranty.

Wired earphones under 2000


Lacks Passive Voice Isolation, better sound at a lower volume.

Tangle-free cable for durability.

Buy JBL Premium Earphones under 2000 from Here-

JBL Endurance Run, Sweat-Proof Earphone

An In-ear wired headphone under 2000 that fulfills your need in getting powerful bass and sound is not other than JBL Endurance Run. Endurance Run is one of the sweat-proof earphones which is perfect for outdoor uses, workers, and athlete.

Besides its sweat-proof, we can find the use of Flipbook technology that makes it easy in wearing with the two-side. It means you can wear this earphone either in the in-ear or behind-the-ear way as per your need.

Also, its Twist-lock and Flexsoft technology makes this earphone more comfortable to use and wear. Similarly, control over your Google Assistant is possible. Further, you can activate your Google Assistant with a single press on the remote from its one-button remote panel.

cool yellow wired earphone under 2000


Sweat-proof earphone, perfect for outdoors workers and sportsman

Features One-Button Remote for making control over the music playback

Dual side wear earcup

Control over the Google Assistant & Siri, Activate with a single long press


Lacks Passive Voice Isolation, better sound at lower volume.

Warranty is not mentioned here.

My not durable, it lacks tangle free cable.

Buy JBL Sweat proof earphones under 2000 in India

How to Find Better Earphones under 2000

Concluding this topic we decided to mention some major steps on finding the better earphones with mic under 2000. If you are in search of the best earphones then the price is one of the major factors. After that, we have to focus on some major points to like,

  • It’s Brand
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Features

Finally, our aim of listing the best wired earphones under 2000 is complete. From the top 6 lists of wired earphones, you can go for your favorite earphone that is perfect. From my side, I prefer to go for the Sennheiser CX213 that comes with the better design, durability, and all the premium-level features.

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