3 Easy Steps to Wire Speakers with 4 Terminals

Wiring speakers sometimes get tricky when you are a total newbie. With the latest technology, speakers also come with multiple options of connectors. Using these options we can either send our audio signals to a single driver speaker or multiple ones. Also, we can set our speaker in old-fashioned ways where it will send all sound frequency to every driver. However, today we are here to learn the best and the easiest ways to wire speakers with 4 terminals.

In this post, I will explain what is the basics of a speaker, how to wire, and which is the best and easy way to wire speakers with 4 terminals.


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What is a 4 Terminal

Speaker Terminals are more likely connectors in the sound amplifier. When we use an amplifier we can see a 4-way connector. These connectors can be in many styles and shapes. We can insert speaker wires into these connectors. There are a few types of speaker terminals and this 4 terminal connector is one of them.

Some other types of Speaker Terminals are Binding posts, banana plugs, and Radio Corporation of America (RCA) jacks.

Today we are going to learn how to take any speaker and connect the speaker wire with 4 terminals. This can also extend your speaker’s wire length.

3 Easy Steps to Wire Speakers with 4 Terminals

In this guide on How to Wire speakers with 4 terminals, we will mainly go through 3 major steps. First, we will figure out what kind of wire we need.

Second is the stripping of the wire

And then connect the one side of the wire to the 4 terminals and the other side to the speaker. Quite an easy right.

Well then, follow these 3 easy steps to wire speakers with 4 Terminals.

Figure out the gauge of the Wire-


Taking any wire won’t work with the speakers. If you are not taking the right gauge of wire then there is a possibility that you won’t get the right frequency to the speaker.

There is an easy way to figure out the right gauge of wire for the wire. It totally depends on the length of the wire and the resistance created between the two machines.

Let’s say we have a dependency or resistance of 5 OHM and wire length is 20 ft. In this case, the right gauge of the wire should be 20 gauge. You can check your wire with this Wire Gauge Meter.

Stripping the Speaker Wire

The next step is cutting and stripping. For this, you will need a plier for stripping the wire for the speakers.

Take the wire and carefully strip out the plastic coating on both sides. This will leave a part of the metal side which is going to be attached to the terminal connector on the amplifier.

Let me tell you guys removing the isolation from a wire is not a good idea. So, you can either buy a wire isolation remover tool or an isolation remover plier that will work just right.

Connecting Wires to the 4 Terminal Connectors.
Now we are going to connect the wires to the terminal connectors on the amplifier.

Check each side carefully and make sure which is going to the positive and which one is going to the negative connector.

Simply and carefully place each metal side to one connector. Make sure every wire has two heads and one of them should be to the -ve and +ve.

Connect another side of the wire to Speaker

Now it’s time to connect speakers. There are many types of speakers. Small satellite speakers do not need any connecting because they already come with the aux connector but if you are going to connect any subwoofer or big speaker then also most of them come with the wire attached. You need to connect the wires to the amplifier.

However, those who got a spring connector on their speaker. Simply make sure which one went to the negative side and take the opposite side and plug it in the red spring clip and the other one should go right in the black one.

This is it. This is how simple to wire speakers with any 4 terminals or 2 terminals. You can watch the mentioned video to know how to cut and plug the metal sides of the wire into the connector.

Techno Dad clearly showed how to connect wires to any type of terminal connect in a very easy way.

Final Words: So, this is how you can connect your speakers with 4 Terminal connectors. This guide will also help you to get the right wire and the right tools for the job.

Follow each step carefully. Take the video help if needed and easily wire speakers with 4 Terminals.

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