5 Best Bluetooth Headphones under 200 INR

Getting the best earphones under a low budget is one of the challenging tasks. Even for the Bluetooth wireless headphones under 200 INR, then it’s one of the challenging tasks. Don’t worry today here we are with you to list out the best Bluetooth headphones under 200 in India.

200 rupees Bluetooth earphones are going to be pretty cheap and low quality. If you are looking for these cheap quality neckbands or earphones then you must be looking for short time use. These Bluetooth earphones are going to give you a good service but for a short time only, as their lifespan is pretty low.

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Bluetooth Headphones Buying Tips

So, guys, it’s time to find out the best among the best under this low budget too. Before you need to keep out the following points in your mind.

  • Good built quality
  • The sound (bass, impedance, quality)
  • Its connectivity (version and distance)
  • Low price range
  • Longer battery backup and features
  • 5 Best Bluetooth Headphones under 200

Best Bluetooth Headphones Under 200 Rupees

The list of best Bluetooth headphones below 200 will be better than other reviews. Here we have included the best among the best products at this cheap price. Check the list.

1. ZAUKY Wireless Sports Bluetooth Magnet Earphone

ZAUKY Wireless Sports Bluetooth headphones under 200

This bluetooth neckband maybe not a popular brand like boAt in the Indian market, but this brand is ahead in providing cheap headsets. Zauky Wireless Sports is the best Bluetooth headphones under 200 from this company here we can find a lot of quality features.

It’s unbelievable to see the magnetic earbuds that make you feel up to the super-premium while you are with it. Its Sports nature makes it possible for the sportsperson and athletes to use.

Mainly, it’s sweatproof with the super deep bass makes me go for it. Personally, I’m using this cheap headset for the last 6 months, still, it’s good overall.

As a salient feature, we can find this wireless sports headset with an inbuilt mic and foldable nature. Overall, this product is great although we get not a sufficient rating.


Cheap, best, and wireless

Magnetic earbuds with sweatproof nature

Inbuilt mic with Deep bass sound


Not mentioned warranty

Lacks water resistant

Not good rating

2. Magnetic in the Ear Bluetooth Headphones under 200

Bluetooth neckband under 200 inr

Now the Magnetic in-ear Bluetooth headset is for you under 200. With the 70% discount, you are getting these cheap but premium level headphones under 200 in the Indian market.

It’s one of the in-ear headphones that comes with the regular inbuilt microphone for phone calling and recording purposes. Talking to the body, then we can find the use of the same magnetic element as our 1st headset. In fact, the support of a 3D stereo speaker with the BlueTooth version 4.0 makes it possible to get latency-free audio.

The 10m connection distance is okay under the price. Similarly, its non-stop 8 hours backup with just a charge of 2 hours is amazing points in the budget.

Besides, noise reduction technology, audio controls, foldable features, etc. Make it far better to choose the best Bluetooth headphones under 200 INR.


Bummer discount with the quality features

Latency free connection, Bluetooth v4.0

Better battery life


1 month mentioned warranty

Quality issue

3. Reconnect Sporty EP SE-MIC

Reconnect Sporty EP SE-MIC

One of the best Bluetooth headphones below 200 for the athlete that I got overall in the stores is not other than Reconnect Sporty. This headset is fully optimized and the 1st priority for the sportsman and athletics.

Here we get this headset with an attractive sporty look. Mainly, its stereo nature is very impressive. The dual dynamic driver along the 1.2m cable is pretty good to see.

Coming to its audio-related features, then we can find it as the perfect product. The 16-ohm impedance, 93dB sensitivity features are okay to deliver the required quality sound.

Let me clear that it’s not a wireless headset. The major reason to include it on the list is due to its next-level features at this cheap price. Pros, we can find the adjustable ear lobes that are the perfect set with the 3.5mm gold plate plug for connectivity on your phone’s port.


Best budget headset for athlete

Dual dynamic driver

Stereo sound nature, responsible sound quality

3 month mentioned warranty


It’s wired headset

Outdated design

4. CatBull In-Ear Bluetooth Headset

CatBull In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones under 200 rupees

The In-ear headset that values your money where it’s cheap in price is Catbull. Catbull In-Ear is a Bluetooth headphone under 200 where we can find it with the inline remote nature.

It’s good to see an updated feature that makes this headset to be good under the price. The deep bass with inbuilt earphones is that aspect of this headset that values your money. Make sure that you are investing your money in the right product. So, the sole pros point of this headset is its price.

Personally, I am not fully satisfied with its built quality although it follows the latest module. Even the battery backup is worst. In another hand, the sound quality is average.

Overall, cat bull is another best Bluetooth headphones under 200 from our list that’s still worth buying in 2021.

with the 3.5mm gold plate plug for connectivity on your phone’s port.


Reasonable and value for money

Stereo sound with average sound quality

High deep bass with metallic body


Worst battery backup, around 2 hours

5. Rsfuture S6 HD Wireless Headset

Rsfuture S6 HD Wireless Headset, cheap bluetooth earphones

This HD Stereo Noise-cancelling sport headset may be the best Bluetooth earphones under 200. Yes, it’s the best headset that I bought for you.

Personally, I like its overall features with this limited price. At first, its noise-canceling nature is the key feature that makes me love it. As more of the Wireless Bluetooth version 4.1 is not bad with a price. We can explore the sound within the 10m distance without latency.

Also the good, it’s the battery. I think to deliver just 4 hours music with 2 hrs charge is not okay although in lower price. Optionally, the sweat-proof nature makes it possible to continue your music outdoors. We can say it also is a sports-friendly headset under 200.

Due to budget here we have to compromise on unique features like it’s the warranty, negative comments, water resistance, bass level, and many more.


Price friendly

Sweatproof with foldable nature


Not expect bass as mentioned

Limited battery backup

Are 200 Rupees Bluetooth Headphones any Good?

In our nation, we can find such products at a cheap rate as compared to other nations. Personally, buying Bluetooth headphones under 200 is not a wonderful decision.

Why Choose Cheap Bluetooth Headphones?

To buy cheap products is just like a compromise. When we talk about the gadgets part of Indian market then it’s advanced and better than other nations.

So, Here are the Top 5 Bluetooth Headphones you can get online in India. If you have any queries regarding these product. Do not hesitate to contact us or comment below.

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