List of the Top 5 Tower Speakers Under 5000 

Many people enjoy listening to music through high-quality speakers. They do not prefer headphones or earbuds. Are you among the majority? Here are a few new and trendy tower speakers for your consideration. Each tower speaker has its specifications and features. Tower speakers have advantages that headphones or earphones do not have.

Love for Speakers:

Sound Depth: Tower speakers have various sizes, and the sound quality is extraordinary as they are placed on a platform.

Style: These speakers are eye-catching and a great addition to any home entertainment system. To impress people, tower speakers would be the wise option.

Versatility: There is no sound loss with these speakers. They handle all kinds of sounds easily. The main advantage of the speaker is that it provides an effective home theatre effect to the home space.

Brands in Tower Speakers

Various brands manufacture tower speakers. Every brand ensures that the sound quality, bass, and treble options are well-matched, resulting in a fine finish to the audio. Here are a few open choices for you to select the best tower speakers: Tower speakers are available in a variety of price ranges, but the below-average range, which is less than 5,000, is the most affordable.

Top 5 Tower Speakers Under 5000

#1 KRISONS Cloudbuster Tallboy Tower Speaker

krisons cloudbuster tallboy tower speaker

KRISONS is one of the ardent brands for tower speakers, and they have various choices with extraordinary specifications. The product is tall, as the name implies, and has a powerful bass of 50 watts. This is a floor speaker as well. The speaker has a Bluetooth setup as well. There are external RGB lights as well so that they can be played during a party. The response of the speakers is 120 Hz and 50 Hz. The surrounding level is 2.1, which is vast. The structure of the speaker is sleek and tall. Here are a few more specifications.

Key Features:

  • The weight of this speaker is 7 kg. The dimension is 33*22*33 cm. The connection is established using a Micro USB cable.
  • There is no rechargeable battery.
  • One of the special features is that it has an FM radio as well.
  • This applies to all electronic devices (LED televisions, smartphones, laptops, tablets, gaming consoles, and DVDs).

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#2 Tecnia Atom 1104 ST

tecnia atom 1104 st

Tecnia is yet another brand for tower speakers. The frequency response of the power handling speaker is around 80 KW. The colour is beautiful black. This is also a Bluetooth-connected speaker that has a 5.1-channel sound system to enhance sound quality. The total harmonic distortion is 7, which is more than the minimum level of excellent sound amplification. There is extra bass content for the user’s love of music. The speaker setting is compact and refined.

Key Feature:

  • The speaker’s dimensions are 23 * 14 * 61 cm. The weight of the speaker is 7 kg.
  • This has additional AUX cable radio and MP3 options.
  • For party effects, there is virtual SIC panel lighting.
  • This is also a 2.0-channel speaker where there is perfect equilibrium at both speaker levels.

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#3 KRISONS Swag Tower Speaker

krisons swag tower speaker

This speaker is much below the 5,000-rupee range. It is affordable for everyone. The maximum output power is 90 watts. The surround level is 2.1, which gives the user an immersive experience. This is also a wireless speaker with an ongoing Bluetooth connection. There is an LCD with an AUX connection as well as radio connectivity for FM listeners. This is a multi-connection device. It involves high-resolution audio with a dynamic balance of bass and treble to give a home theatre effect. A few more specifications for reference

Key Feature:

  • The speaker’s dimensions are 12 * 60 * 24 cm. The weight is 6.49 kg.
  • It is a single speaker with equal balance on both the right and left sides.
  • It is compatible with a game console, DVDs, and other laptop-style electronic devices.
  • They come in two colours: black and brown.
  • It has a wired microphone for people who would love to sing or talk.

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#4 KRISONS Sound Blaster Tower Speaker

krisons sound blaster tower speaker

As the name goes, indeed, this is a sound blaster with dynamic, engaging sound. One major aspect of this speaker is that it has an 8-inch woofer on the side of the speaker tower and also two 4-inch speakers on the front side of the tower to give it a daring vibe. The maximum power output for this speaker is 80 watts. It also has bass and treble components to enhance the sounds in the speaker. A few more specifications are listed below.

Key Feature:

  • The measurements are 78*44*23.9 cm. The weight of the speaker is 8.66 kg.
  • This is also a Bluetooth speaker with micro-USB connectivity for easier connections.
  • This does not require rechargeable batteries.
  • Wireless, AUX, and USB connectors are also available. It has a built-in FM radio.

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#5 Dyanora Fusion Tower Speaker

dyanora fusion tower speaker

The brand dyanora is an old-world brand for speakers, but they are among the best. This is another Bluetooth speaker with version 5.1 and a power output of around 3000 watts. The maximum power output for the speaker is 50 watts. There is a 5.25-inch subwoofer at the side of the tower, for which extra bass is available. One major feature of the Dyanora speaker is its extremely versatile speaker support. An auto EQ is an equalizer that adjusts various levels of frequencies at the sound source, which is an engineering feature of this speaker.

Key Features:

  • The measurements are 14*24*63 cm. The weight of the speaker is 7 kg.
  • The depth of the speaker is 3 cm, and the colour is grey.
  • This is a multi-device connector that works with game consoles, laptop computers, and mobile phones.
  • This provides an engaging home theatre effect and an LCD for a party-like atmosphere all the time.

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Make a worthy choice:

Tower Speakers would be an emerging choice for all music lovers. Go for the best specifications at an affordable price. Maintaining a tower speaker is easier, and it is also designed in a creative way to use less space in one corner of the house. Enjoy your music with your tower speaker.