Best Bass Speakers for Home under 5000| Review and Price

A good Bass speakers for your home is a great idea. If you looking for a single room speaker with deep bass then you are in the right place. Today, we are here with some of the top 5 Best Bass speakers for Home under 5000 rupees.

Love to nod your head on the booming baseline? In this article, I will list some best bass speakers for a single room or your home. Each of the products I will list will have the best quality sound system and wireless. Every bass speaker listed in this list can be found and purchased on Amazon.

If you live in a single room and want to have a party with your friends and family you will be needing speakers like these listed below to make your party amazing. But first, let’s know what it takes to choose the Best Bass Speakers for your home.

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How to Check Bass and Sound Quality

A good Bass speaker for home comes with many handy features. You can always check the quality by listening to the sound. However, online products don’t prove it. In such cases, you can rely on YouTube reviews, Public comments/reviews, etc.

Also, the most important thing is to check is the specification of the device you are going for.

First of all, For a Deep and clean bass, check the brands you are going with.

Then you can decide the price range. A good branded speaker with a decent price gives you quality, not quantity.

Another point to check is the output of the device. Listen to a 5W speaker and a 40W speaker, it will give a basic idea of the loud sound and bass quality of any Bluetooth Speaker.


A Bass speaker mainly comes with an extra woofer. But These days wireless speakers are great too. From JBL to Boat, all the famous brands are focusing on Wireless speakers that are amazingly cool looking and portable.

Also, the Bass output priority of these speakers is good and just like big woofers. Under-five thousand rupees, you can get home theatres with a sub-woofer but there is always a drop back for the low price home theatre.

So, here are some Bluetooth bass speakers for home and your personal use and satisfaction with deep bass.

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Best Bass Speakers for single room under 5000 rupees

Sony SRS-XB12 Wireless Extra Bass Speaker for home

Sony SRS-XB12 Wireless Extra Bass Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker is very small in design but has very good bass quality. You can get this product in 4 different colors Black, Green, Blue, and Red. This looks very amazing when you keep this in your hand. You can carry the speaker anywhere you want to because it is very small and less weight.

This is a wireless speaker with an EXTRA BASS feature. The speaker is waterproof and dustproof so you can carry it anywhere. You can hear and feel each and every beat in very good quality. It comes with a detachable strap which helps you to carry the speaker anywhere.

Due to IP67 rating, the speaker can survive on water and dust place. You can carry them to the pool, forest, desert, or wherever you like. Another feature is it gives 16-hour very amazing battery life. You can hear the song without any disturbance for 16hr once fully charged. You can also add another speaker at the same time for stereo sound.

The speaker prices vary with colors, you will get the speaker in Black, Blue, Green, and Red in Price 3,349, 3,499, 3,399, and 3,490 respectively.


Easy to handle. You can carry it anywhere.

Has Extra Bass Feature.

Waterproof and Dustproof.

Good quality sound system.

Built-in mic for hands-free calling

Value for money

Best Bass speaker for home


It can have more battery life.

No battery percentage indicator like other BT.

Mivi Roam 2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 5W

bass speaker for single room under 5000

Mivi now has become a very famous brand all over the world. Their speaker is also very good in quality and has various features. Just like that, Mivi Roam 2 is also the best bass speaker for a single room. Just like Sony, it is also very small and tiny and you can carry it anywhere. It is designed to give loud and clear music.

Small in size but a beast to use, the speaker has a very heavy bass system. If you live in a single room this will be the best speaker to use. You can carry this speaker anywhere you want to it is waterproof, dustproof, as well as drop-proof. You can carry it in the pool, forest dessert, anywhere.

This speaker is made in India. With the warranty of 1 year from the date of purchase, you will also find 24hours playtime when your volume is 70%. 24 hours playtime which is unbelievable.

You can connect the speaker with your smartphones, laptop, TV through Bluetooth. You can also connect them via AUX. This Bass Speaker for Home can also be connected with two other speaker.

This speaker also comes in 4 color options with different prices, Black, Blue, Green, and Red, where only one color is available right now which is black and has 1,099rs. At this price range, you won’t find any other speaker this capable. I would suggest you buy this speaker.


Very handy, you can carry it anywhere.

Waterproof and dustproof.

Has Heavy Bass.

24 Hours Play Time once fully charged.

Best sound experience.

You can connect it with other speakers as well at the same time.


Takes a long time to connect with a Bluetooth device.

OBAGE MT-600 Home Theaters Bluetooth Speakers

single speaker for home with super bass

After so much of small and cute speaker let’s talk about the bulky speaker which is good for a single room. This speaker is very bulky and weighty. If you have placed this speaker somewhere it is very difficult to carry it somewhere else. But if once placed this speaker gives very perfect sound for melodious listening.

If you focus on sound clarity this speaker is good for you if you place this speaker at a higher level you will hear good and better sound quality. The Bass system is good but it is not made for party songs. You can connect the speaker via Bluetooth and Aux whatever possible.

It has an accurate bass means you won’t find any sort of disturbance while playing the music. You can shift the speaker but you cannot lift the speaker every time and change place.

The price of this speaker is 3,790 comes in only silver color. You will also find a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.


Bass Speaker for home

Accurate Bass

Clarity of sound.

You can connect via Bluetooth, Aux, and many other options available.

Control option on the speaker Box.

Long duration listening comfort.


Not at all handy, once place it is there forever.

Bit weighty and bulky.

Tribit XSound Go Bluetooth Speakers

portable speaker for personal use with

Just like Sony and Mivi this speaker is also small and easy to carry. Though looks small but has killer audio and rich bass. It is very attractive in design, the speaker edges are curved and look very premium. It has a matt finishing which gives modern touch, it also has a detachable strap which helps to carry the speaker.

The speaker is waterproof, dustproof so you can carry it to any place like a pool, forest, dessert everywhere. You can connect the speaker via Bluetooth which you can play at a distance of 66ft. The bass quality of this speaker is very cool.

The speaker gives 24 hours of playtime, once fully charged. Press and hold the multifunction button to access the voice input for Siri and Google Now.

The price of this speaker is 2,499 and comes in only one black color. You will find 1 year of warranty from the date of purchase.


Easy to handle

You will feel Premium

Attractive design.

Waterproof and dustproof.

Best Bass quality.

Has a trendy feature.

24 hours of playtime once fully charged



boAt Stone 1400 Mini 18W Bluetooth Speaker

best bass speaker for room under 5000

This speaker is the most attractive and creative speaker on this list. This speaker looks like a carry bag. The speaker comes with a handle that helps you to lift the speaker easily and carry it anywhere. In this speaker, you have one mic for receiving a call and you can talk with it.

You can connect this speaker to smartphones, laptops, and other devices through Bluetooth and AUX. It is waterproof and dustproof so you can take this speaker anywhere you want like pools, forests, dessert anywhere you like.

This speaker gets fully charge in about 2.5 hours and has a playback time of up to 6hr. There are control options on the speaker which you can use from the top.

The price of this speaker is 2,999 and is available in Army Green and Active Black color. You will also get a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.


Waterproof and dustproof.

Multiple connection options

Gets fully charge in 2.5hr

1 Mic for receiving calls

Best sound experience

Attractive and creative in looks


Playback time should be more, at this price range other brands give more playback time like 12-24hours.


We have tried to list the 5 best bass speakers for a single room under 5000 rupees. You will surely find something of your need. Something that will satisfy you for what you need. In my opinion, every product has some pros and cons but it is better to take something with fewer cons.

We hope that we have provided you the best information. So which product you are going to buy? Let me know in the comment section.

If you find any difficulty with these products or something you think that must get added to this list do not hesitate to comment below.

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