Monoprice 2 in 1 headset Review: Wireless Headphone with Speaker

Monoprice 2-in-1 headset is a thing for those who need one headphone for songs, games, and movies. Today we are going to get to the allrounder Monoprice 2 in 1 headset review.

Everyone song, movie, and game lover needs a headphone in their electronic accessories, without that you will not feel like you are having a great experience. In mobile phones and laptops, you can use wireless or wired headphones.

So, it is very important that we should buy 2 in 1 headphone because on the laptop we mainly prefer both and wireless headphones. In this Monoprice 2 in 1 headset review, we will show you that how this headphone is important for you, and how you can get one for yourself.

Here is the best product for you, the Monoprice 2-in-1 headset. By the name itself you can definitely know that it is both wired and wireless headphones.

You can connect to your phone by putting a wire all through headphones to your phone or laptop. If you love the game and watching movies this headphone is for you. It will give you a better experience while playing the game and watching a movie like you are in a movie hall.

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Monoprice 2-in-1 headset Review

Afcrouse you already know that this headset is called 2 in 1 because it can be used as both headphone and a loudspeaker.

Monoprice 2in1 headset is a lifesaver when it comes to an emergency. You can use it as a headphone for gaming and music entertainment. Or in case you do not have a loudspeaker for movies, you can turn its speakers on and use it for a laptop, Dekstop, or some outdoor music.

Monoprice 2-in-1 headset Review

Easy to control

If we talk about the features, this is 2 in 1 headset. You can control all the systems from the headphone themselves. There are buttons like volume up and down and power and off.

The Monoprice 2 in 1 headset has a battery feature of 1000 mAh which provides up to 32 hours of continuous audio streaming or phone usage.

Design and Look

About the design, in this price range, you will get this kind of headphones only. This has a complete black finishing with a glossy look. We can see the softness in the earpiece and headphone hold.

You can extend the headphone according to the size of your head. You can adjust it very well. When you wear this headphone you won’t feel any sort of pain in your head because it is made of foam and sponge which gives comfortable environment.

Portable and Comfy

Very comfortable to wear and hear. In one of the headphones, you can see basics control like volume up and down, power off and on, DC IN, AUX hole, LED indicator, and a few power buttons.

You can bend the headphone and easily place them on any box. Very adjustable. Outside the headphone, we can see the design of cabinet grill which make feel like audio will come from there which will, if we put an option. The look is very basic and normal.

2 in 1Multi Use Headset

Other Characteristics, this is 2 in 1 headset which you have already seen. This is also 2 in 1 headset because you can make these headphones private and public also.

If you watching a movie alone you can hear it on your headphone but if you want someone else to listen to this, you can make this headphone a boombox by switching on the buttons.

This is one extra feature you can see in these headphones. You will also find radio FM options, many love to head radio more than selecting songs and playing, so this is for you.

The product has a weight of 477 grams and comes in black color only. It comes in 1 AA battery and has 5 Volts of lithium battery voltage.

About the Sound Quality

About the Sound Quality of best all round headset

If you love playing games wireless or wire, this is best for you. This headphone mainly focuses on bass. So it has the best bass while you listen to the song and playing Battle Ground and Action Games with this headphone makes your experience even better.

It is featuring a 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response. It also has a loud of 113 dB which will help you to enjoy all crip clean highs as well as the deep rich bass. While watching a movie you will feel like you are in the cinema hall. So this speaker has a very good sound quality.

Other Review on Monoprice 2 in 1 headset

monoprice 2 in one other review and details

Amazon has a rating of 4.2 out of 5, which means it is a very good quality product. According to some reviews, it has the best bass quality and the volume is also very good. You cannot hear your surroundings when you put these headphones on.

It is very comfortable and the earpiece is very adjustable. Some say that the battery can be a bit better at this price range. Overall, a good product to buy for 8-9 months or more. Won’t get damaged so easily. Good sound quality and bass system.

Where you can Buy Monoprice 2 in 1 Headset?

You can buy this product anywhere online. Amazon and Flipkart give a great offer as well so you can buy it from here. It has many styles and types, so you can buy according to your preference.

But for now, this headset is not available on the majority of the sites. You can still look for it on your offline market. We will surely update our page with the link as soon as it goes online on Amazon or Flipkart.

Last Words

Every product has its own pros and cons, so this product also has. But we have to see how we can adjust with those cons and then buy it.

We have searched a lot then come on this speaker which has better sound and bass quality. The price is also according to the preference and is very affordable if you stream something too much. It’s a good purchase the Monoprice 2in 1 headset that has great features.

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