Best Earphones for Zoom Meeting

Looking for the Best earphones for zoom meeting? Well, not all the headphones and earphones are compatible with online meetings or classes. I suppose you are also looking for good quality headphones to attend Zoom calls or other online meetings.

In this lockdown period, everything has become online. Office Meetings, School studies, Video calls, Friends or family function, everything we have to attend via zoom or any other video call sources. So to communicate with one another we need earphones to talk. We don’t get disturbed or interfere I have here listed the 10 Best earphones which will help you to talk over zoom calls without any disturbance and interference.

So let’s get started…

Before we do, here is our chosen 20 Best Wired earphones with MIC and JBL Neckband Bluetooth Earphones under 2000 Rupees

10 Best Earphone for Zoom Meetings

Among the many earphones to choose from, these top 10 best earphones for zoom meeting are excellent choices for a lagless sound experience.

I would say, wired earphones are the best to go with but we are also taking care of the noise cancellation and good sound quality. So, here are our best earphones for zoom meetings.

1. PTron HBE6 Headphone (High Bass Earphones)

PTron HBE6 Headphone (High Bass Earphones)

Let’s go from the low-budget earphone to the high-budget earphone. This earphone is very good if you are studying online or attending a meeting in your office. This earphone is very budget-friendly and you can get this for 179 rupees only.

The color and buds look very attractive and comfortable. The earphone has a multifunctional button with a microphone which will help you to communicate with another person over call or zoom meeting without any disturbance.

It is very lightweight and you can use this hand-free. This wired earphone has a 10mm dynamic driver and a 3.5mm audio jack. Considering it as one of the best earphones for zoom meeting because it is wired, durable, and budget-friendly.



Comfortable to ears.


Multifunctional buttons.


Not good for listening to songs.

The bass is not good.

No extra earbud tips.

2. WeCoolMr.Bass W001 Snug Fit Metallic in-Ear Earphone for Zoom

WeCoolMr.Bass W001 Snug Fit Metallic in-Ear Earphone for Zoom

Again the budget-friendly earphone WeCool Mr. Bass is very good for assisting calls and zoom meetings. Comes in a plain black color with a carry case. At the price of 269 rupees, this earphone looks amazing and has clear sound quality.

The earphone comes with a microphone which helps to talk with people over call and has buttons as well to cut or receive the calls. This earphone has one good quality which is that it has IPX 4 Splash prof and swear proof.

There are many earphones that get damaged because of your sweat but this one is reliable because of its sweatproof feature. Because of its use for your meeting, this IPX feature of this earphone will give you a guarantee long lasting experience.

The earphone looks very amazing once put on ears. It has an extra bass as well which means you can use this earphone for both zoom meetings and songs. In the package, you will also find extra ear tips.

However, the build material of this headphone is not that good. Under 300 rupees, this headphone can only last for 12 months or so. Because of its amazing qualitiy and price range, it counted in the best earphones for zoom meeting.


IPX 4 Splash prof and swear proof.

Clear sound quality.

No disturbance while talking over calls.

Lightweight, so comfortable to ears.


It will require a lot of care because of the wires.

3. Infinity (JBL) Zip 100 in-Ear Earphones for Zoom Meetings

Infinity (JBL) Zip 100 in-Ear Earphones for Zoom Meetings

Another good quality earphone for zoom meeting from JBL. This is a tangle-free wire earphone that is very easy to maintain and keep. It has a very comfortable design and is very easy to keep on the ears. At the price of 469 rupees, you will get this earphone in 3 different color options: Black, Blue, and Red.

This earphone is very good to attend the meeting on zoom or any other meeting app, you won’t even get disturbed by wire as well here. The earphone comes with a 1.2m Durable flat cable. It has a deep bass sound and gives clear audio to the ears.

The earbuds are very soft which means you can put the earphone on your ears every day. The earphone also has multifunctional buttons where you can cut or receive calls.

Under 500 rupees, this earphone also offers you good quality mic for your calls and meetings. There will be no issues with your voice capturing with this earphone.

The wire quality of this one is also very good. You will be able to use this one for a long period of time. But always handle it with care because you know that every headphone gets torn near the jack.


Very comfortable to ears

Tangle-free wire.

No disturbance while talking overcall.

You can also use this earphone to listen to the song.

very comfortable for calls.

Best earphones for Zoom meeting.


At this price range,

it should have a waterproof feature.

4. JBL Commercial CSLM20 Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone

JBL Commercial CSLM20 Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone

This is also a budget-friendly earphone if you are buying earphones for several usages. This earphone comes in a black finishing design, looks amazing and attractive. At the price of 799 rupees, the earphone gives us a lot of features.

Especially made for work, you can clearly use this one in your every phone call, online meetings, record voices with its high quality mic. All these feature made this earphone easy to choose and the best earphone for zoom meeting.

You can connect this earphone on many devices you can use an extension to use it on type c smartphones. The length of the cable is 2 meters and has 3.5mm TRRS jack compatibility. This earphone is extremely light weighted and the ear tips are the most comfortable ear tips of all time.

It also comes with waterproof and sweatproof(IPX) feature. This earphone is also good for Vlogging, Conference calls, listening to songs, and watching movies.

Another point is to remember the brand of this earphone. JBL is known for its best quality sound. So, you know this earphone is going to be best for calls and music under this price range.


Comfortable ear tips

Best sound quality.

Hand-free earphone.

Tangle-free wire.


No such cons

5. JBL Endurance Run by Harman Sweat-Proof Earphones for Zoom Meetings

JBL Endurance Run by Harman Sweat-Proof Earphones for Zoom Meetings

Another from JBL comes under 1000 rupees. This earphone can be the best earphone for zoom meetings because of these amazing features. The features also ensure that the earphone is going to be long lasting.

With the cool yellow look, these JBL earphones for zoom meetings are the best too choose from. Not only its quality service but also its stylish look is going to give you the impression you need during the online meetings.

This earphone comes in a very different design, the color of this earphone looks very amazing and attractive which is yellow. Plus, the ear tips are also innovatively designed. At the price of 999 rupees, you will find earphones in five different colors Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, and Teal.

In these 10 best earphones this is the most comfortable earphone, you can keep this on your ears for a long time. For those who have hours to study or has a conference call over zoom, this is the best earphone for you.

This earphone has IPX5 Sweatproof and waterproof that will ensure its durability. For easy cable management, the earphone has magnetic earbuds. Magnetic earbuds really helpful for you if you are not a careful person.


Talk over call for hours without any disturbance.

IPX5 Sweat Prof design.

Most comfortable earphones.

8.2mm Dynamic drivers.

You can use this earphone for both calls/meetings and song/movie.


No noise cancellation is present for audio calls.

6. Sony MDR-EX150AP Earphones for Zoom Meeting

Sony MDR-EX150AP Earphones for Zoom Meeting

Who doesn’t love Sony? We can easily go with the product if it is from the Sony brand. However, these wired earphones for zoom meetings from Sony have some unique features to look at. First of all its curve earplug is more comfortable than any other earplugs.

Secondly, it has amazing and effective noise cancelling feature which will defiantly make you feel like you are in a different world. All these come with this headphone only under 800 rupees.

This earphone comes in only one color option that is black and costs around 765 rupees. At this price range, you will find many features here. The earphone comes in 9mm neodymium drivers which give powerful and balanced sound quality.

This is also very comfortable to ears and you can put this for hours. The earphone is also lightweight that is only 5grams. The design of the earphone comes in a shiny metallic finish.

This earphone also has multifunctional buttons to perform which helps to cut/receive the calls. The earphone has a frequency range of 5Hz to 24kHz.



Good for zoom meetings.


Multifunctional buttons


Not good for listening to songs and watching movies

No tangle-free wire.

7. OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition

This OnePlus Bullet wireless is not only for games and songs you can connect this wireless earphone to your computer or laptops and can attend zoom meetings. This is not so budget-friendly but the person who likes to buy wireless stuff will surely like this.

This earphone comes in three different colors Black, Blue and Red at the price of 1,999 rupees. The earphone has a pure feature of IP55 Water and sweat resistance. And has a good battery life as well.

This earphone is good for calls, you can talk over zoom without any disturbance. This earphone also has a multifunctional button to perform and you can cut or receive a call from the wire itself.


Wireless earphones, no wire obstacle.

Best battery life.

Comfortable to ears.

Good for both attending calls and watching movies.

IP55 Water and sweatproof.


At this price.

It must have a carrying pouch.

8. Boult Audio AirBassTrueBuds

Boult Audio AirBassTrueBuds

These are pure wireless earbuds that you can try for zoom calls. At the price of 1,999 rupees, you can get this earbud in three different options Grey, Blue, and Red. This looks very attractive and amazing to the ears.

This earphone comes with IPX7 waterproof and has a charging case. Though it is wireless that doesn’t mean that it does not have multifunctional buttons you can cut or receive a call by touching on either bud.

The earphone is designed with the latest Bluetooth 5.0. You can easily talk through calls and zoom meetings on this earphone. It won’t give any kind of disturbance to you.



IPX7 Waterproof

Comfortable to ears.

Good battery life.

Good for both music and calls.


If you are using it for sound this is not good in the bass.

9. Zebronics Zeb-Yoga 90 Pro Wireless in-Ear Neckband Earphone

Zebronics Zeb-Yoga 90 Pro Wireless in-Ear Neckband Earphone

This earphone looks like OnePlus Bullet Z. But the price range of this earphone is 1,059 and you can get it in only two colors, Grey and Black. Because of its strong Bluetooth and durablity, we are including the Zebronics Zeb Yoga Neckband earphones for Zoom meeting today.

The earphone is comfortable to wear you can wear this on the neck and you can easily talk with others over zoom calls. It also has multifunctional buttons as well you can cut/receive or volume up or down through the earphone itself.

Comes with a waterproof and sweatproof design and also has the latest 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity. The earphone has 10mm Neodymium Drivers for a better audio experience.


Waterproof and sweatproof.

Comfortable to ears.


Magnetic earpiece.

Good for communicating over zoom calls


Not good for listening to songs.

Not having good battery life.

10. CROSSBEATS Pebble True Wireless in-Ear Earbuds for online calls

CROSSBEATS Pebble True Wireless in-Ear Earbuds for online calls

This earphone is not budget-friendly but will give you all kinds of features and style. At the price of 2,999 rupees, the earphone will come in three different colors Ash Gray, Imperial Jade, and Charcoal black.

CrossBeats this ear bud comes with high quality Bluetooth. Without any lag or delay, one can easily use this earphone for their online calls or zoom meetings too.

This earphone looks very attractive and is very comfortable to ears. You can control the speaker by tapping the earbuds. You can receive or cut calls by tapping on the earbuds.

The earphone has a microphone inbuilt you can talk over calls easily and without any disturbance. The earphone is lightweight and easy to handle. Because of its cool looks and impressive feature, this one comes in the last in the list of best earphones for zoom meeting.



Good battery life.

Comfortable to ears.

Waterproof and sweatproof.


Not good for songs and movies.

Buying Guide for the Best earphones for Zoom calls

It’s been very important that we use the best earphone when we are over zoom calls. It gives a good impression on others. Now everything is happening online you have to give interviews via zoom calls only. So clear audio and comfortable earphone is very important. If you take my advice, wire earphone is the best earphone for zoom calls and meeting. Because you will know where the microphone is a button and you will be audible to others.

In wireless earphone, you don’t know where the microphone is as it is in your ears only and you have to shout while talking then only you will be audible to other. So I prefer you to take wire earphones which are very easy to use. Try to take tangle-free wire earphones because once the normal wire is tangled it will take you hours to make it free. Plus, tangle wire is very easy and simple to maintain.

Try to take sweatproof earphones because meeting and conference calls hold for hours so you will get a sweat on your ears, if you won’t buy sweatproof earphones, the earphone will destroy. Lastly, take comfortable ear tips earphones, because once the earphone put on your ears you have to wear them for almost 1-2 hours, even if you are studying or on a conference call. So take comfortable earphones.

Final Words:

In this article, I have tried to list the 10 Best Earphones for Zoom Meeting. You don’t have to go out to buy these Earphones for Zoom Meeting all the earphones are available on Amazon right now. Buy it and start doing your calls without any disturbance.

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