Zebronics Prime 2 Wired Laptop/Desktop Speaker Review

Today, Speaker’s Trend is here with the viral PC/Laptop Speaker Zebronics Prime 2 Wired Laptop/Desktop Speaker Review.

Zebronics brand has become very famous in India due to its quality and affordable price. They also started selling many things like Zebronics potable, earphones, headphones, speakers, and many other things.

Just like that, we have Zebronic Prime 2 Wired Laptop Desktop Speaker. You can get this product on Amazon or Flipkart.


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Zebronics Prime 2 Wired Laptop/ Desktop Speaker Review

Zebronics Prime 2 Wired Laptop/ Desktop Speaker Review

Zebronics Prime 2 Wired Laptop/ Desktop Speaker looks small in size but it is one of the best speakers you will find in such a price range. It is a wired Speaker which has a good sound quality system. This is like a little monster, it looks small and sweet but the bass and sound quality are very amazing. It is very good for day-to-day use.

You will also find volume control on the speaker which is very easy to use. You just have to rotate the button to slow or high the volume. If we talk about the design of Zebronics Prime 2 Wired Laptop/ Desktop Speaker is very small and you can carry them anywhere you want to.

If we talk about connection, you just have to connect the speaker with a 3.5mm audio jack. You can connect the speaker with your smartphones, laptops, desktop, or any other devices.

Zebronics Prime 2 Wired Laptop/Desktop Speaker Features

  • With this speaker, you can hear electrifying music at your home.
  • The speaker is very handy, you can carry the speaker anywhere you want to.
  • You can connect your speaker with your smartphones, laptop, tablets, etc.
  • You can connect the speaker to the USB port to charge the speaker.
  • Get the button to operate the volume of the sound.
  • It is a wired speaker you have to connect the speaker with an audio jack of 3.5m to listen to the music.

Zebronics Prime 2 wired Laptop/Desktop Speaker Specifications

  • Frequency Response: 200 – 18000Hz.
  • Impedance – 4 Ohms.
  • Configuration – 2.0 Channel.
  • Connector Type – USB Cable.
  • Signal to Noise Ratio – 65dB.
  • Driver Size – 2inch.
  • Power Input – DC 5 V.

Zebronics Prime 2 Speaker Pros

  1. Very handy, you can take this speaker anywhere you want.
  2. Good in small rooms.
  3. Cheap in price.
  4. Value for money.
  5. Sufficient output for movies & music.
  6. Good battery backup.


  1. Wire is too fragile to use, everyone uses wireless these days.
  2. Not good bass quality.
  3. Many say it does not work good after 2-3 months.
Zebronics Prime 2 Wired PC speaker

Final Thoughts on Speaker Price

The price for this product is 191 Rs only. Any customer who loves speakers and wants to buy something new at an affordable price can buy this product. Many have bought this product at 121 or 99 at an offer price. You can also wait for an offer if you want to buy this at less price.

Summary: Products at this range are very bad and worthless but this product has come out to be the best product. Though it looks small it has a very good sound quality. In a small place, you can use this speaker and can enjoy it a lot.

So, in the end, I can tell you to buy this product you use to listen to music at the small place you will surely enjoy it a lot.


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